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Nowadays when most people think of wearable technology they think of sports aids that monitor and track your movements or assist with GPS while you exercise. But wearables actually extend beyond this concept to all sorts of new products with a wide range of focuses and capabilities, including eyewear, wristbands, ‘jewellery’ clip-ons, smart watches and wearable cameras like GoPros. A fun, nifty product that we found is the Narrative Clip 2 a wearable camera that takes automatic photos of ‘life as it happens’, which are then shared through its mobile application. These ideas have certainly come a long way from the calculator watch of the 1980’s; arguably one of the first pieces of ‘wearable technology’.


wearable tech
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We have recently launched the exciting new product; Flex Cloud, The easy way for developers to host scalable websites without worrying about admining servers. I thought I should take a few minutes to write down my top eight things you need to know about a product that is going to revolutionize software development in South Africa. Developers take note (Sysadmins you will also love how easy this makes your job). (more…)

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Reinventing how we recharge

February 02, 2015

Does your cell phone battery die at the most inopportune moments? Do you forget to plug your phone in at night to recharge?

Like me, I am sure you have often wished you could carry a charging station around in your pocket to ensure you could recharge your phone/camera/anything, wherever you are, whenever you like? It is incredible how the lack of access to a small device such as a cell phone can throw an entire day out and with the introduction of load shedding we are ever more in need of new and easy ways to recharge.

Well, it looks like the problem is about to be solved. I have recently discovered an exciting new product that is about to launch into the market; introducing – ‘Kraftwerk’.


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