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How Safe is Your Password?

November 11, 2014

There are some major misconceptions among internet users around what makes a secure password; which can cause some major headaches should a heartless hacker get ahold of your email, website or other important login information.

In this article we will cover some common methods used to access password information illegally and how you can protect yourself in the event that you are targeted in such an attack.


Wordpress Security
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Unit Testing

October 29, 2014

Unit testing can often be a cumbersome practice to introduce into any development team. Many of the converts I’ve introduced to unit testing (myself included) have all despised the practice in the beginning often saying that its takes twice the amount of time.


The art of testing is often an after thought where development is concerned making it hard for developers to get into the mind shift of having to write tests first before they code. It’s my hope that this article will give some more incentive for making the leap.


developer unit testing
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How to Prevent SPAM Problems

September 26, 2014

SPAM is known as the scourge of the Internet. If you are reading this article then you know of SPAM and probably receive various amounts daily. Dealing with SPAM is a frustrating endeavour for everyone, except maybe the Spammers themselves, however understanding SPAM can help limit this frustration.


RSAWEB Anti-spam
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Ever wished you could live the high-tech lifestyle like The Jetsons? The concept of Machine to Machine (M2M) technology has become ever-more popular, from sensors and software that help direct traffic and manage water treatment facilities, to systems that set off security protocols during a crises. Soon you will be working in ‘smart’ office spaces that will automatically water the plants and open doors for you. (more…)

RSAWEB Technology
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