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Take control of your company’s Mobile 3G & LTE data connectivity costs with our fast & simple online management tools. Forget about huge bills and frustrated mobile workers.

Mobile Data


Manage 5 or 500 users easily through our custom-built online control panel. Keep your teams happy, productive and connected.

Mobile Data


Backed by the powerful MTN network you can be sure of a fast and high quality connection from just about anywhere in South Africa.

Mobile Data


Never worry about overusing or getting capped, the best of both worlds with company-wide pooled data. You are in control.

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Control Panel

We're continuously working on our custom-built management control panel to make sure managing your mobile data is as easy as possible.

Mobile DashboardMobile Management

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High Speed Network Coverage

Our Mobile Data is powered by the MTN network, with coverage that reaches major cities, towns and almost all national roads.

Mi-Fi Device Options

Devices and Sims delivered pre-configured and ready to use within 3-5 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I lose a sim?
You are able to suspend the sim in your online control panel and request a sim swop to replace the lost sim. There is an additional fee for each sim swop requested.

Can I assign multiple sims to 1 person in my organization?
Yes. You can assign as many sims to a single account as you need to, all sims will pull from the account cap which has been set in your control panel.

What areas are covered by the network?
Our Mobile Data is powered by MTN’s powerful network , with coverage that reaches most major cities, towns and almost 100% of our national roads. See the coverage map here.
Can I add a sim from another provider to my control panel?
No. Only the sims provided by RSAWEB can be added to the Control Panel. We recommend cancelling any existing sims and purchasing RSAWEB sims to ensure you have full control over all of your devices.

What speeds will I get on my Mobile Data connection?
Speed will vary based on the strength of the coverage in the area you are in, however based on an average you will get between 4-20 Mbit/s upload/download if you are in a high coverage area, such as a CBD or major town.

Can I connect with my Sim outside of South Africa?
No. The Sims will only be able to connect within the borders of South Africa.

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