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Take control of your company’s Mobile 3G & LTE data connectivity costs with our fast & simple online management tools that provide you with Corporate APN and Private APN options. Save more by doing much less. Manage your spend and enable your workforce with mobile connectivity.

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Manage your entire company’s mobile data and SIM cards with ease, from the powerful yet easy-to-use MyRSAWEB control panel. Distribute your pooled data from anywhere, at any time and ensure that your company stays connected and productive.
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Our mobile data solution gives you complete control over your usage. The MyRSAWEB control panel gives you transparency on your data usage by providing detailed reports on exactly what is being accessed online – by groups, individuals or even each individual SIM card. You can set data caps on SIM cards and also limit what can be accessed online.


Business Mobile Data

We can help you save up to 62% on your data costs by only purchasing the data you need. Your pooled data can be allocated and redistributed at any time making sure that none of your data lapses and goes to waste at the end of the month. The fact that you only get one bill for all of the SIM cards your business needs will free up hours of valuable time as well.

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Mobile Data helps your business manage it's 3G and LTE costs.
Set up groups, departments or teams and assign SIM cards and data caps to users via our online control panel.


Looking for a single mobile data package?
Mobile Broadband
is for you.



Our Mobile Data is powered by both MTN & Vodacom networks, with coverage that reaches major cities, towns and almost all national roads.




Devices and Sims delivered pre-configured and ready to use within 3-5 days.
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With the E8372 LTE + Wi-fi sharing is now easier and more convenient. This powerful device connects up to 10 users simultaneously. Plug it into your car’s USB power adaptor to instantly create a hotspot in your car.
  • Download speed: Up to 150 Mbps
  • Connections: 1 USB
  • Battery Life: N/A
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot: Yes

The Huawei E5577 is a fast and compact LTE mobile Wi-Fi, providing outstanding LTE network download speeds of up to 150 Mbps and a battery lasting up to 12 hours.
  • Download speed: Up to 150 Mbps
  • Connections: 1 USB + Ethernet
  • Battery Life: 12 Hours
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot: Yes

With the Huawei B315 LTE wi-fi router you can easily hook up your entire household to super fast broadband internet. It is also perfect for small businesses with its connectivity options to VoIP telephone and fax, printers and other office equipment
  • Download Speed: Up to 150 Mbps
  • Connections: 4 LAN, 1 telephone, 1 USB, 4G Sim Card slot
  • Battery Life: N/A
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot: 32 Wireless Devices


What happens if I lose a SIM?
You are able to suspend the SIM in your online control panel and request a sim swop to replace the lost sim. There is an additional fee for each SIM swop requested.
Can I assign multiple SIMs to 1 person in my organization?
Yes. You can assign as many SIMs to a single account as you need to, all SIMs will pull from the account cap which has been set in your control panel.
What areas are covered by the network?
Our Mobile Data is powered by MTN's & Vodacom's powerful networks. With coverage that reaches most major cities, towns and almost 100% of our national roads.
Can I add a SIM from another provider to my control panel?
No. Only the sims provided by RSAWEB can be added to the Control Panel. We recommend cancelling any existing SIMs and purchasing RSAWEB SIMs to ensure you have full control over all of your devices.
What speeds will I get on my Mobile Data connection?
Speed will vary based on the strength of the coverage in the area you are in, however based on an average you will get between 4-20 Mbit/s upload/download if you are in a high coverage area, such as a CBD or major town.
Can I connect with my SIM outside of South Africa?
No. The SIMs will only be able to connect within the borders of South Africa.

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