2016 – the year of fast Internet in your home

By : Christopher Wray | December 10, 2015 | Blog

2016 – the year of fast Internet in your home

December 10, 2015

Can you believe 2015 is nearly over? And what a year it has been! As we all start to pack up and prepare to take some well-deserved leave, one thing is for sure – each year seems to fly by faster than the last!

Given the fast pace that we all find ourselves living nowadays, the speed in which we can accomplish tasks becomes inherently important, which is why having access to fast Internet is becoming ever more imperative. You cannot afford to drag your feet for much longer – 2016 is the year to jump into the future as fibre connectivity promises to change the way you interact with the Internet yet again!


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No longer should we be forced to wait for a webpage to load or for a video to buffer on YouTube, nor should we have to miss a call with a far-away relative or friend due to a slow signal. With Fibre to the Home (FTTH) you can now get lightning fast Internet in your home for as little as R549 per month for a 10Mbps/20GB connection! And for the advanced user and their family take a look at our 100Mbps/100GB option for just R1 149 per month.

Incredibly fast Fibre Internet will not only change the way we access information on the Internet but it will also change the way we consume TV, movies and online videos. With Fibre to the Home you will be able to stream videos on demand and discover exciting new shows on platforms such as NetFlix and ShowMax.

If you enjoy gaming, Fibre to the Home will revolutionise the way you play! Whether you’re a fan of platform games, first person shooters or racing games you will now be able to enjoy all the excitement of your favourite online games but in a better, faster, more astounding way!

The Internet and how we access it is constantly changing the way we live, work and play – join the leaders in technology adoption in 2016 and get Fibre in your home today! We are constantly rolling out new areas and expanding the reach of Fibre – to find out if Fibre is available in your area click here. 

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