5 ways Fibre to the Business can help you succeed

By : Christopher Wray | January 12, 2016 | Blog

5 ways Fibre to the Business can help you succeed

January 12, 2016

In these competitive times, a fast and reliable Internet connection is critical to a successful business.

City Fibre, our Fibre to the Business product offering, guarantees that success; through faster data transfers, uninterrupted streaming and a constant and sustained connection.


As RSAWEB Director Mark Slingsby says: “At RSAWEB we aim to bridge the gap between IT innovation and everyday life and we believe that the incredibly fast connectivity that Fibre to the Business provides is fundamental to this dream.”


Blog-5 ways fibre to the business can help you succeed


No longer should your business be constrained by slow Internet and reduced productivity!

Here are five ways in which Fibre to the Business can help your business:


1)  It’s really, really fast:

With Fibre to the Business, you can get Internet access at up to 500Mbps for both uploading and downloading – that is 50 times faster Internet than a normal ADSL 10Mbp line.


2) Uncapped is easier:

Business fibre is uncapped, meaning that you never reach the middle of the month and realise your account has been throttled or suspended.


3) Improved staff productivity:

Being incredibly fast and uncapped, business fibre ensures your staff are constantly connected and able to work quickly and productively without waiting for pages to load or having to put up with general lag time.


4) Larger workforce support:

As your business grows so does the strain on a normal ADSL Internet connection as more users means more congestion and a lower quality of connection for everyone. This is no longer a concern with Fibre to the Business as the connection is constant regardless of how many users are on the system.


5) It’s more cost effective:

You can now gain access to a 50Mbps uncapped line for just R8 329 which is reduced to R4 790 should you find multiple tenants in your building to join with you.


Blog-5 ways fibre to the business can help you succeed


If you sign up now for a business fibre connection of 100Mbps or more we will give you a three months Mobile Data trial for free, including 10 free SIM cards and 10GB of data per month.

For more information or if you would like to get fibre for your business please contact us on 087 470 0100 or via [email protected]


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