5 ways to increase traffic to your website

By : Christopher Wray | June 02, 2016 | Blog

5 ways to increase traffic to your website

June 02, 2016

As a business owner or marketer a key factor in helping to drive income and sales in this day and age is good website. But in order for this sales tool to be effective you need customers visiting and interacting with your website, as they would with a sales consultant.


In this article we look at five ways you can increase traffic to your website:

1. User experience

Your website should act like your most productive sales consultant. In order to achieve this you need to understand your users, the information they are looking for and how they will interact with your site.


Here are a few tips to ensure your site is built as optimally as possible:




  • Whether your website’s objective is to provide information or make sales, ensure that your content is clear, relevant and easy to find.
  • The navigation through the site should be simple and effective allowing the user to find what they are looking for with as few clicks as possible.
  • Keep your website simple and uncluttered, this will allow the website to load quickly (which we all know is very important in this age of instant gratification).
  • Another key factor is make your site responsive so that it is mobile friendly for the users who are on the go.


You want your customers leaving your site feeling that their needs were fulfilled, and that they will return to the site in the future.




2. Social Media

Use various social media platforms to direct users to your website. This can be done organically or by using paid for content.


By posting regular content across your social media channels and linking back to your website you are providing your existing fan base with a doorway to information or products they may be interested in. Think of these posts like teasers or a call to action to get your fans to your website.


Paid content allows you to reach people who may be interested in your products or services that are outside of your fan base. This is done by targeting users by age, gender, location and interests; this means you are reaching the right people.


Make your content shareable; nothing quite beats good old fashioned word-of-mouth marketing. People are more likely to engage with a brand that has been recommended or endorsed by someone they know and trust. By making it easy for your users to share your content via their social media platforms you are giving them the opportunity to spread the word to all of their followers.




3. Blogging

Use a blog to provide your users with useful information that relates to your businesses products or services, that will encourage repeat visits.


Blogging increases the keywords and number of indexed pages on your website allowing search engines to rank your site higher in their search results. Writing relevant blog articles with catchy headlines and publishing them on a regular basis will help increase your SEO ranking.

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4. Internal linking

Make sure you are linking internally throughout your website. This will help provide a good user experience as well as help with your SEO.

You can do this by including links to similar products the user may like when viewing product pages, or provide internal links from blog posts to product pages or other blogs you have published.




5. Email marketing/Newsletters

Have a strategy when it comes to email newsletters, you don’t want to spam your database with information that is not relevant to them.

Carefully targeted email communication can be quite effective to drive traffic to your website. You need to send your users information that they want; you may achieve this by segmenting your database to suit your message.


You should be consistent with your email communication, keep the look and feel the same so that users can easily identify it with your brand/business, and talk to them frequently.

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