5 major SA companies using City Fibre

By : Christopher Wray | January 26, 2016 | Blog

5 major SA companies using City Fibre

January 26, 2016

A fast and reliable Internet connection is critical to a successful business, which is why a number of South Africa’s large corporations and companies have turned to RSAWEB’s City Fibre to guarantee them a fast and sustained connection.


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Here are five major South African companies that currently make use of City Fibre:


The Bureaux:

Launched in 2013, ‘The Bureaux’  offers shared working space for entrepreneurs and small businesses, allowing them the freedom to grow and flourish in a creative environment with like-minded people around them. Removing the need to commit to massive monthly rental expenses while allowing entrepreneurs to scale their requirements based on their needs, ‘The Bureaux’ currently has Cape Town office spaces in Woodstock Exchange, The Point Centre in Sea Point, and one in The City Junction on the edge of the Waterfront. The Bureaux uses RSAWEB’s City Fibre to ensure that all of the companies housed within their offices have access to lightning fast Internet at all times.


Highbury Safika Media:

Highbury Safika Media (HSM) is one of Southern Africa’s largest independent magazine publishers, producing magazine titles such as SA Rugby, Sports Club, SA Cricket, Living Space and Man and Tech, to name a few. The company also has a number of large digital platforms under their fold such as Cape Town Etc., Wedding Album and SA Cricket Mag. The business has a well-established track record in creating world-class content which is why it is not surprising that they require incredibly fast Internet to ensure all of their staff members are able to be online and upload content quickly and efficiently.

Titan Digital

Titan Digital is a leading international digital marketing company with offices in Perth, Australia, Cape Town, South Africa and Cebu, Philippines. Offering full digital marketing services including SEO, Adwords, Social Media and PPC, it is vital that their local Cape Town team are always connected with lightning-fast Internet to ensure they are online and able to attend to all their clients’ needs as a quickly and efficiently as possible.



Amcotec are a post warrantee services and multi-vendor supplier offering software consulting, storage solutions, maintenance services and enterprise management solutions. Formed in 1987, Amcotec is an SABS ISO certified company that place quality management as one of their core company values. Amcotec relies on City Fibre to ensure their standards, processes and procedures are achievable at all times. To read more about Amcotec click here.


Euphoria Telecom

Launched in 2010, Euphoria Telecom is a provider of proprietary Cloud PBX communication services for businesses in South Africa, offering a cost-effective VoIP product by removing the need for expensive installation, training and support costs. To find out more click here.


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So, it is clear to see that any and all businesses, from VoIP providers to digital marketing agencies and large publishers to online retailers, require the fast Internet speeds that City Fibre provides them with in order for the business to grow and for them to meet their customers or consumers’ needs and expectations.

If you need assistance in moving your business onto faster Internet with City Fibre please contact us on 087 470 0000 or via email

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