7 amazing gift ideas for this festive season

By : Christopher Wray | November 21, 2013 | Blog

7 amazing gift ideas for this festive season

November 21, 2013

RSAWEB loves technology and innovation. So for this festive season, to help you skip those long queues, we put together a list of great gift  ideas you can find and purchase online. From simple designs that will add panache, to products that will help you make a more connected home.

This year’s gems to look out for:



Off-the-wall book shelving 

We all are looking for ways to make use of that empty space on the walls of our home and a good bet is always to hang up artistic photos of our family. This stylish and minimalist designed floating bookshelf can add that touch of intrigue and flair to your home. It provides easy access to your favourite books and can double up as a shelf for any other object you wish to display.You can purchase this unit on Amazon for only $12.50 or if you prefer making your own, watch this clip.




Your home, a stone’s glow away from being awesome

Are you on the naughty or nice list? Either way cover your bases by lighting up the runway that is your driveway, so Santa can see it from miles away. At the very least you will be rewarded for making his job easy.  Leave them out in the day and come night time your garden is transformed into an enchanted landscape. These pebbles can be purchased at Amazon. Price on site varies but can be found at the cost of $6.99 for a set of 100.




Blue Monday, Green Tuesday or a Yellow Wednesday.

With Phillips, Hue decide.

The new range of LED light products from Philips are not only energy efficient but allows HUE to set the perfect mood for a romantic night or with strobe light effects, you can party the night away.  The light can easily be changed to any colour via Wi-Fi through the HUE app on your smartphone. It comes in four different product ranges: standard bulbs, downlights, bloom and lightstrips. Check it out here.  The starter kit can be found on Amazon, retailing at $199.97




GOJI Smart lock

A sleek and modern disc finished in brushed metal, with a new-age blue-text LED display. It welcomes users by name and unlocks your front door with your smartphone, but fret not, for those who aren’t prepared to make that bold step to go keyless, you can get programmable e-keys. Get this lock system directly from Goji $245



These lights are alive, with the sound of music

Imagine music that lights up the room. That’s right, light bulbs that double up as speakers. This super-efficient LED not only saves energy but can end up saving your night as well. Connect up-to 8 speaker bulbs and create a different ambiance for each room or make one big party room. This lighting system can be found on BidorBuy, retailing at R5008.27




Solar Powered Pool Purifier makes swimming nearly chemical free

Juggling between the correct use of chlorine, pool shock and conditioners can make it a difficult  job to keep your pool balanced.  This nifty device floats in you pool sucking up the rays from the sun, allowing it to release mineral ions into the water. This ionisation of the water naturally and efficiently controls the micro-organisms growth in your pool, creating mineral water but don’t try and drink it. The Floatron kit can be bought on Amazon for $249.00



Coffee on the Touch and Go

Using your fingerprint to do daily tasks seems like something out of a Sci-Fi movie. But the possibility is here and now. This wonderment, known as the Saeco Xelsis, comes with a digital fingerprint scanner that memorises your coffee preferences; such as strength and amount of froth, for up to six people and a nifty display that shows the name of the person whose beverage is being made. Having fingerprints has never made more sense. Check it out at Phillips for $ 4000





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