Renay in the top spot at the 2012 Contego Wine2Whales

By : Christopher Wray | November 13, 2012 | Blog

Renay in the top spot at the 2012 Contego Wine2Whales

November 13, 2012

Another weekend, another awesome win for TeamRSAWEB! 

Check out Renays’s race report below from this weekend at the Contego Wines to Whales!

The photo says it all, Matthys and I managed to hold on to our overall lead and emerged the victors of the 2012 Contego Wines to Whales! We crossed the line after 2 hours 58 minutes in second place for stage 3 behind surprise stage winners Adriaan Louw and Louis Knipe


I say surprise because the day was full of ups and downs and unfortunate mechanical issues for some teams. The first casualty of the day was second placed team Blend Properties, where Ruan du Toit suffered a bad puncture and lost a big chunk of time in the race. Soon after that it was the turn of Craig Boyes from Team Daiken who trashed his real wheel on a particularly rough downhill.

The last team to suffer misfortune was team Asrin (Rene Haselbacher and Chris Wolhuter), who took a wrong turn and ended up not completing the race.

As a result, the 3 teams out in front for most of the day were Team RECM, Contego 28e, and RSAWEB/CangoMTB. No matter how hard we chased, we were surprised that we could not bring the leaders back into sight, and soon lost all hope of a stage win, as those boys were clearly on fire!


Towards the end the Contego boys made a bold move to try make up their 50 second deficit on RECM, while Matthys and I were quite happy to follow their wheels, stay smooth, and protect our lead. We crossed the line in Onrus after 2 hours 58 minutes just 20 meters behind Contego fully expecting a 3rd place for the day, but surprise, Team Contego had pulled off the stage victory!

Not too phased on missing out on the stage win, Matthys and I were truly happy to pull off an amazing victory at such a special event. What a great way to end off the season! The amount of support we received along the route each day was phenomenal, and we feel truly blessed to have been able to pull off such an amazing victory.

For me, this race marks the end of my racing season, and I look forward to putting the bike aside for a few weeks, putting on some kg’s, growing my leg hair, and working on my summer tan!!

I cannot end this post without thanking my amazing sponsors RSAWEB for the fantastic support I have received throughout the year, Rocky Mountain Bikes for the flawless bike, and all the other people who have contributed to making this season a success, you know who you are!

Thanks Renay! Here’s to an awesome season!! 

For more from Renay, check out his blog for all his race reports and news.

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