A Fibre Affair

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A Fibre Affair

May 12, 2016

Picture this scenario: The rain starts coming down gently on a Friday afternoon. Instead of rushing home to ready yourself for a night on the town, you decide to plan some chill time streaming a marathon session of a series you have been dying to watch.


A fibre affair


You make a call and order some dinner and settle into your cosy nest to enjoy a fantastical story that will take your thoughts and worries far away from this world. Enter the dreaded ‘spinning circle of doom’:


A fibre affair


You currently have a 4mbps that you were assure would be sufficient for online streaming with no hassles and yet here you sit waiting for your program to load.


Deep breathe… you start to check for the usual culprits:

  • “Are you downloading anything in the background?”
  • “Are there any updates or virus scans on at the moment?”
  • “It might be that you are being throttled because of your usage this month.”
  • “Are you streaming off of Wi-Fi or is your PC plugged in to your Internet?”
  • “Is anyone else in your house perhaps using the Internet in any of the ways mentioned?”


All of these are the average home users’ shortcomings, and once you have established that none of them are the reason you are facing a buffering screen, then justifiably you begin to get annoyed.

If this scenario is way too familiar to you then it is time to move on!


A fibre affair


Introducing Fibre

Simply put, Fibre is a faster form of Internet. BUT it is actually much more exciting and interesting than that. Fibre is a flexible, transparent cable made from glass or plastic that is used to transmit data as light between two ends.

Fibre supplies you with faster, perfectly consistent speeds, which mean zero buffering and zero lag. Which means you can play Dota on a Russian server while the missus watches Netflix and downloads a mobile app!

Finally there is a solution!

From a guaranteed 10mbps, up to 100mbps, Fibre to the Home is changing the way we deal with home connectivity. It’s evolving the way we interact with the Internet and the way the Internet interacts with us.

A quick and easy set-up, with no hidden cost, will leave you wondering just why it took so long to cut ties with your standing ADSL connection in the first place. Fibre is the future and we strongly suggest you consider changing your home connection soon today.

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