All of our connectivity deals – find the RIGHT special for you!

By : Christopher Wray | September 21, 2020 | Blog

All of our connectivity deals – find the RIGHT special for you!

September 21, 2020

When it comes to ordering internet connectivity; whether it’s Fibre, ADSL, or Fixed LTE, the art of the deal helps us stand out from our competitors. 

As of this very moment, we have a score of extremely wallet-friendly and enticing specials on our wide-array of connectivity packages running throughout the country. If you’re looking to get connected, now is the time, and RSAWEB are the perfect partner to do it with. 


Our 1st Month Free Special in Gauteng with Openserve 

When you order Fibre from us in selected live Openserve areas in Gauteng, you get your first month absolutely FREE! It doesn’t matter what Fibre package you order; it could be an entry-level package or an ultra-fast 1Gbps package, you will still receive your first-month for free – no matter the cost! Many ISPs tend to offer their new customers small amounts off for their first months, but we have completely blown this standard out of the water by providing Gauteng customers with their first month completely FREE of charge.  

Click here to find out how you can take advantage of this unreal Fibre deal in selected Openserve areas. 


Switch ISPs & Get R1000 Credit 

The savings don’t stop there when you order Fibre from us and Openserve in Gauteng! We even have a deal targeted at customers that currently have connectivity, but are not happy with their current ISP or are looking to make a change. When you switch to RSAWEB from your old ISP, we will credit your account with R1000. This means that you’ll get to save R1000 that you would normally be spending on connectivity to use as you please. Think of it as a savvy-saving – on us! 

To start saving some serious money, switcto RSAWEB and get connected to fast Fibre in selected Openserve areas. Click here to learn more. 


Free Mini-UPS on 30Mbps & Up Fibre Packages 

At RSAWEB, we even have load shedding covered with this amazing deal that is available across all 30Mbps and higher packages. When you order Fibre from us, you will receive a FREE Mini-UPS worth R2000 on all 30Mbps and up packages. A Mini-UPS device will keep you online and connected during load shedding, allowing you to stay productive or simply beat the boredom by keeping you connected to your favourite streaming sites while your power is down. 

Click here to learn more about the Mini-UPS worth R2000 that you will receive when ordering any 30Mbps and up Fibre package. 


Save a Further R4500 

Our amazing savings don’t stop there. You can save a further R4500 with the FREE premium router, 1Gb of FREE mobile data, FREE installation and other freebies that we provide you with – no matter the Fibrepackage you order! 

Click here to learn more about how you can save R4500 thanks to the fantastic freebies you will receive when ordering any of our Fibre packages. 


Discounted Fixed LTE Special for Areas Without Fibre  

If your area, home or block has yet to have Fibre infrastructure installed, our Fixed LTE connectivity solution is your next best bet. Not only is Fixed LTE efficient, easy-to-set-up and affordable, starting at only R95 per month, but it’s also lightning-fast – reaching speeds of up to 150Mbps.  

On top of this, we are currently running a deal that will see the first 100 people that sign up for a Router Rental option pay only R995, instead of R1455 – saving themselves a whopping R460. Make sure you jump on this deal soon as it is only available for the first 200 customers, and we are closing in on that number fast. 

Click here to find out more about our Fixed LTE products, and how you can save R460. 


Double your speed for free with Frogfoot 

The final special that we have on offer is a double-speed deal for all upcoming, new and existing Fibrecustomers in selected Frogfoot areas. With this deal, customers are getting the following upgrades, completely free of charge: 

Old Speed  Price  New Speed  Price Increase  Speed Increase 
10Mbps/10Mbps  R699  20Mbps/2Mbps  R0.00  Down: + 10Mbps  Up: – 8Mbps 
20Mbps/2Mbps  R809  50Mbps/5Mbbs  R0.00  Down: + 30Mbps  Up: + 3Mbps 
20Mbps/20Mbps  R869  50Mbps/50Mbps  R0.00  Down: + 30Mbps  Up: + 30Mbps 
50Mbps/5Mbps  R909  100Mbps/10Mbps  R0.00  Down: + 50Mbps  Up: + 5Mbps 
50Mbps/50Mbps  R969  100Mbps/100Mbps  R0.00  Down: + 50Mbps  Up: + 50Mbps 
100Mbps/10Mbps  R1009  200Mbps/200Mbps  R0.00  Down: + 100Mbps  Up: + 190Mbps 
100Mbps/100Mbps  R1069  200Mbps/200Mbps  R0.00  Down: + 100Mbps  Up: + 100Mbps 
200Mbps/200Mbps  R1199  1Gbps/1Gbps  R0.00  Down: + 800Mbps    Up: + 800Mbps 


Click here to find out more about how you can double your Fibre speed for FREE in selected Frogfoot areas.


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