Attention SMEs – here’s how RSAWEB can help you succeed

By : Christopher Wray | November 06, 2020 | Blog

Attention SMEs – here’s how RSAWEB can help you succeed

November 06, 2020

As a small to medium enterprise, or SME for short, you’ve got to get things up and running, and you’ve got to do it quickly! That’s simply the nature of running a budding business, and at RSAWEB we understand exactly what this means because we were once right where you are – a growing business with a vision and goals for future success and expansion. 

With this said, and with our prior expertise and knowledge in mind, we want to not only help you identify what kind of SME you are operating, but also navigate you towards the right solutions you’ll need to keep your ship sailing in strong winds. To do this we have created a simple guide to help you identify which business type your company falls under. 


Business Type 1: Small start-ups 

As a small start-upyour efforts should be focused around getting your business off the ground, while adopting a money conscious mindset in your need to grow, evolve and most importantly get more clients. You will probably have a small office space, and perhaps 1-5 staff members working in your office space or remotely, possibly on short-term contracts. Finally, you will be wanting more affordable and quick-to-implement products to keep your business functioning. 

Products that we have hand-selected for start-up businesses include: 

Your staff will need fast and reliable internet to work at full steam ahead, and with 99.9% uptime guaranteed and speeds of up to 300 Mbps – our Fibre To The Business packages are just what you need to succeed. 

Equip your business with a VoIP phone solution that works hand-in-hand with your Business Fibre solution to save you money on call costs in comparison to traditional Telkom landlines. 

Make sure your vital business data is online, safe and readilyaccessible for all staff, both in the office and from their remote work stations. 

Keep your customers’ data safe from dangerous cyber-attacks with a cyber security solution. 

Find the right solutions for your Small Start-Up Business 


Business Type 2: Medium and boutique businesses 

As a medium and boutique business such as a retail store owner, advertising agency or law firm, you understand that your clients are your greatest asset. The longevity of your relationship relies upon a few key factors that inevitably hang on the smooth operating of two core connectivity solutions – fast shared WiFi or simply connectivity for your mobile and in-office staff, of which there are probably 310, and reliable VoIP telephony solutions for them keep them in contact with cater to customer needs. 

Products that we have hand-selected for medium and boutique businesses include: 

Maintain your online presence and ensure your customers’ entire online interaction with your business is as pain-free as possible – and most importantly unobstructive when it comes to their purchase decisions. 

Make sure customer calls, queries and needs can be handled without interruption at a low cost each month with a VoIP phone solution.  

  • Managed WiFi 

With a smartphone in every pocket, managed WiFi will allow you to cater to the connectivity needs of your customers and allow you to nurture a well-managed wireless ecosystem. 

Find the right solutions for your Medium and Boutique Business


Business Type 3: Expanding businesses 

As an expanding business you are gaining momentum, finding steady footholds within the industry you operate inand are looking to scale-up your vital online seamlessly as you expand. You employ anywhere from 5-20 hard-working staff members, as well as a ‘spend now to save later’ approach when selecting the more complex online solutions that are selected to support and serve the longer-term goals and scaling needs of your business. 

Products that we have hand-selected for expanding businesses include: 

Make sure your connectivity solution is able to aptly scale along with the growing internal and external needs of your expanding business by investing in a Business Fibre solution that adheres to future-focused growth projections. 

Allow your staff to say in constant communication with both each other and your clients with a streamlined communication solution that you have full control over. 

Guarantee peace of mind for your customers and the longevity of your business by securing vital data with a cyber security solution. 

When you run a growing business, holding thumbs that your data is safe, secure and retrievable simply isn’t good enough. Rather Invest in a failover solution that shows your clients you’re serious about the safety of their vital documentation. 

Find the right solutions for your Expanding Business 


Should you have any questions around identifying what kind of SME your business falls under, or simply want to find out what online solutions would best suit your business’s unique needs feel free to contact our helpful team at 087 470 0000. 



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