The Benefits of Working from Home

By : Christopher Wray | October 12, 2017 | Blog

The Benefits of Working from Home

October 12, 2017

Don’t you find that you think of the best ideas whilst brushing your teeth, making coffee or just lounging about on your sofa?

It’s highly likely too that you have written the most amazing work proposal, either in complete silence or with your favourite band playing full blast in the background, while sitting comfortably relaxed and focussed wearing comfy clothes and on your 3rd cup of coffee at the kitchen or dining room table. Imagine if you could have this kind of work flexibility all the time? Well you can – and there are great benefits in doing so.



Flexible work is, according to The World Economic Forum’s Forecast of Employment Trends, one of the biggest drivers of transformation in the workplace and this has come about largely due to the increasing amount of young professionals leveraging technology to work remotely and live nomadic lifestyles. Locally, paint brand Dulux’s recent global trend report found that 77% of South Africans are employed and 32% of them are already able to work from home. The most interesting fact they found however, was that by simply trading in your office to work from home, you could save yourself ± R120 000 a year. Yes, you read that right!



So, apart from being particularly good for your health and stress levels, working from home will not only benefit you (either as a freelancer or employee), but your employer and/or clients too – for example:

 1. Increased productivity and efficiency: Distractions like office gossip, unplanned meetings and loud co-workers will become a thing of the past and allow you to achieve far more in the same amount of time.

2. Less commuting: You will spend far less money on petrol and/or public transport and no longer need to deal with a daily commute – that cuts into time that could otherwise be spent working or doing something else productive – and you will also be helping in reducing the carbon footprint too.

3. Employee retention: Employees working from home are far less likely to quit as having greater flexibility is seen as a great perk and it’s on the wish list for many. It also enables them to work whenever and wherever (think global) it suits them no matter what their age or circumstance and employers get to choose to work with the best of the best too.

4. Decrease in costs: Employers will spend less on office space, operating costs such as technology and supplies and you will save on transport, car maintenance, work clothes and more.

5. A better life: You are less likely to get sick as you will most likely be exercising more and your stress levels will be lower. Even if you do get sick, you will be able to still see doctors and the dentist etc, during working hours and still get work done.



At the end of the day however, these benefits would not be possible without access to technology, which enables you to check email from your phone and connect your laptop to the Internet whilst on the go, and being able to have a fast and reliable Internet connection like fibre at home to handle large files and video calls and conferencing with ease.


So stop imagining and start reaping the rewards now – don’t worry if you don’t have Fibre and mobile data yet, simply contact us today and we’ll set up in a flash.

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