The benefits of upgrading to Business Fibre

By : Christopher Wray | May 30, 2017 | Blog

The benefits of upgrading to Business Fibre

May 30, 2017

The demand for businesses to have fibre Internet is rapidly increasing as having a fast, reliable and well-supported Internet connection moves from being a ‘nice-to-have’ to now being essential to business success.


Why choose Business Fibre?

Fibre Internet offers light-speed connectivity and enhanced stability for larger numbers of users.  The thousands of individual fibres that make up fibre optic cable connections are thinner, lighter and more durable than the traditional copper cabling used for ADSL lines. With fibre Internet data travels at the speed of light and can handle much higher volumes of traffic without download speeds being affected. Our Business Fibre combines high speeds, high uptime and low contention ratios with a responsive and skilled support team.

Business Fibre gives you:

  • Faster file transferring
  • Uninterrupted streaming
  • Large workforce support
  • Faster page load times
  • Secure network



Business Fibre Speed

A fibre connection will change the way you use the Internet! When it comes to speed fibre is far, far superior to normal ADSL lines. As fibre cables transfer data ‘at the speed of light’ their speeds can range from 10Mbps to 200Mpbs, 300Mbps or even 500Mbps. That’s up to 100 times faster than a standard ADSL line! Fibre also allows a simultaneous upload/download speed so data can travel unhindered in both directions. The speed of fibre makes it far superior when it comes to data transfer, clarity and additional data types like voice and video transmission. With fibre there is no buffering on video streaming and long distance voice calls (VOIP) or video conferences will be clear and uninterrupted. It enables a business to move all processes into the Cloud and data transfers between teams becomes seamless.


Business Fibre Reliability

Fibre optic cable connections use light impulses to transfer data (instead of electrical impulses) through thin glass fibre tubes. Since the conductor used for fibre cables is glass, lightning storms and other electrical disturbances will not cause interference on fibre lines. Fibre cables are known for their superior resistance to electromagnetic noise, moisture and adverse weather conditions. They are also highly stable and are not affected by their distance from their closest POP (Point-of-Presences). This makes fibre connections far more stable and superior to ADSL when it comes to reliability.




Business Fibre Availability

Business Fibre is currently available in and around the city centres of Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. Take a look at our data map to see if Business Fibre is available near you. Business Fibre availability is expanding every day as more and more cables are laid. Installation time can vary based on availability in your area.


RSAWEB helps your business succeed online. Be Business Smart and contact us today to get your business upgraded to super-fast Fibre! Call us on 087 470 0100 or email [email protected]


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