SEON is an innovative start-up from Germany founded in 2017. A combination of IoT devices, smartphones and RSAWEB Mobile Data work together to create their unique service: customers are given a panic button that, when pressed, sends their information and location to the closest security guard, whether public or private allowing them to respond immediately. 

What we do is make the world a safer place. We use technology to fight crime. We are in the business to ensure that we never have a person be in a situation without somebody to call. This boils down to us connecting various security guards, both public and private – even public officers, through technology to anyone on our platform. If you are walking down the streets of Cape Town and you need help you can press your SEON button and we’ll dispatch the closest available guard to your location. 

SEON works lean and fast, with a heavy tech focus. The Mobile Management Portal has helped SEON to vastly cut down on the admin of managing all the SIM cards required by their operation and makes quick work of it too. 

When we first set up shop in South Africa, I had to walk up to the network provider’s store to load all the SIM cards with data, because as a foreign national I could not get any contracts. When you walk into a busy store with a stack of over 100 SIM cards to top up with data, they do not like you. Each one had to be scanned and queried and loaded with data manually – it was a mess. We also had issues with certain SIM cards running out of data really quickly and getting cut off and some wasting large amounts each month. It took a whole day to do, but now we can do it all in less than a minute. 

Thanks to RSAWEB Mobile Data, SEON can keep all the officers connected and ready to respond, particularly necessary when reaction time could be the difference between life and death. With RSAWEB SIM cards in each officer’s smartphone, SEON’s platform can track their precise locations 24/7 and automatically dispatch whichever officer is closest, who also receives all relevant information like who sent out the alert and their exact location, the second there is an emergency. 

When asked about the best part of their decision to go with RSAWEB, SEON highlighted the stellar service and how easy it was to set up the whole solution. 

The dedicated service from the RSAWEB team is the biggest benefit. Also, the easy Mobile Management portal – we barely use it, but that’s only because the first time we used it, it was so easy to set things up. We love that it just works, we can just order a SIM card, put it in a device and use our data.

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