How the travel industry is using City Fibre

By : Christopher Wray | March 14, 2017 | Blog

How the travel industry is using City Fibre

March 14, 2017

Booking your travel arrangements these days only requires a few clicks of your mouse and before you can say, ‘hey presto’ flights, accommodation, car hire and even an extreme adventure or two are ready and waiting for you!


With online booking systems making personal travel arrangements so easy, more and more people are doing it themselves and the travel industry is adapting quickly to meet consumer demand.




This increase in demand for online services often means that teams and personnel need to grow in order to manage their website content and bookings more effectively. This can increasingly put a huge strain on existing networks capacity, causing them to become overloaded and slow. When customers are demanding quick response times and immediate bookings, slow networks and system lags are no longer an option. Travel businesses need to evolve in order to keep up with the pace.


This is why many businesses in the travel industry are turning to City Fibre, RSAWEB’s solution to Fibre for the business (FTTB) to give them the fast, reliable connection they need.


City Fibre is up to 50 times faster than your average ADSL line giving you speeds that can range from 10Mbps to 200Mbps. Fibre has the added benefit of allowing you simultaneous upload and download speeds.


Upgrading to FTTB means that businesses no longer have to worry about Internet line congestion or low quality connections. Having City Fibre ensures the connection is constant regardless of how many users are connected.




Having a fast, reliable Internet connection not only helps to increase productivity amongst staff as they no longer have to wait for web pages to load or deal with lag on the system, but it is also critical to running log shipping and backups.


Find out how RSAWEB’s City Fibre helps SafariNow keep up with the increasing demand on their network and increases employee productivity.

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