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I don’t know about you but I spend a lot of time on the Internet, and I have noticed that over the years my Internet useage has changed from reading blogs and looking at images on Pinterest and Tumblr, to watching and downloading more and more videos. (more…)

streaming video
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Why choose Enterprise Cloud

October 15, 2015

It’s understandable that there is a somewhat distrustful attitude towards Cloud hosting within the South African technology industry. This level of distrust is, to an extent, expected due to the fact that with many Cloud hosting platforms you have little to no direct control over the system and the critical workloads of your business lie in an outside resource’s hands. (more…)

enterprise cloud
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Launched in 2011, Maroela Media has steadily established themselves as one of the largest online Afrikaans communities in South Africa with around 25 000 visits to the website on a daily basis. With a strong focus on the love and nostalgia for the Afrikaans language, culture and heritage and all that it entails, Maroela Media has captured the heart of a large section of the South African population, offering free, well-written content to an enthusiastic Afrikaans market. Community-driven, Maroela Media’s platforms encourage active debate and participation which has helped to drive the massive growth and success of the site. (more…)

Maroela media
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Broadband data management

September 29, 2015

While there are many different types of broadband connections available, they all perform the same function or a similar function; which is to ultimately transfer data. Whether you are watching YouTube, sending and receiving email, downloading files or checking Facebook, you are using data. (more…)

broadband data
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‘Broadband’ is a term that is thrown around increasingly often. It is also a term that, to the untrained ear, can sound like just another ‘buzzword’ for the Internet. As easy as it is to just brush the term aside, stating that you understand the general meaning of the word; in today’s fast paced and constantly connected world, understanding what your Internet needs are and what options are available to you becomes more and more important. The need to know and understand what broadband is, and means, is becoming an increasingly relevant as new technologies continue to emerge and connectivity becomes more important at home, while travelling and in the office. (more…)

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Since the first microwave communications link across the English Channel between Dover and Calais in 1931, microwave and wireless backhauling has become an indispensable form of communication networks around the world.

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