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Check out the race report below from Renay who had an awesome weekend at Buffet Olives where he came in 1st place against some very determined competition. Next for Renay is Wines to Whales next weekend, were we expect great things from him! 

With the Wines to Whales stage race fast approaching, I am busy putting the final touches on my training to ensure that I’m on top form to take a podium with my team mate Matthys Beukes. Some of the best training you can do is racing itself, so on Sunday morning I found myself on the start line ready to take on the Buffet Olives MTB challenge.

With me on the starting line I had some strong riders with the likes of previous winner Adriaan Louw (Contego 28e) , Dominic Calitz (Daiken) and emerging talent Louw Kriel. With the route only being 42km I wasn’t sure if it would be long enough for the type of training I was hoping for, but boy was I wrong!

The route turned out to be much tougher than expected, with lots of steep climbing, undulating forest roads and plenty of fun single-track to keep us on edge.

From the very beginning of the race it was apparent that my legs were very tender from the training I had been doing during the week before. Adriaan, Dominic and myself hit the first long climb of the race, and as I pushed the pace a bit, I was able to open up a small gap on them and see what their limits were.  Unfortunately for me the sore legs meant that I was also at my limit, but I managed to keep the pressure on never the less.

To my amusement Adriaan lingered in the background never more than 500m behind me, but luckily for me was not able to close the gap.  This continued throughout the whole race and had me on edge as he was never far behind…

Fortunately I was able to push the pain barrier and hold my wits to take my second win in a row with Adriaan a mere 2 minutes behind me, and with Dominic cruising into 3rd place.

This week sees me putting in some last minute training before taking a nice taper towards Wines to Whales, the last race of the season!

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Limited by slow business ADSL? Upgrade to Fibre today, with RSAWEB’s October Fibre special. 10 mb/s up and 10 mb/s down for under R10,000 per month. This awesome offer is only valid for the month of October…so act fast and contact us today for more information and a personalised quote


Want to figure out if Fibre is the right option for you? Do you need: 

  1. High traffic services
  2. High speed broadband, low latency requirements
  3. Better uplink speeds
  4. High uptime
  5. Connect to secure storage in our data centre
  6. Server outsourcing in our data centre.
  7. Disaster recovery (DR) solutions

If you answered ‘yes’ then Fibre is the right connectivity solution for your business!

Find out more about RSAWEB Fibre and contact us for a quote today!

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We’re really proud of one of our younger members of TeamRSAWEB, Chris Jooste, who rode this weekend at the Penny Pinchers GOK cycle tour. Chris won the junior race by over 5 minutes (what an amazing result) and also competed with other top elite level professionals in the field. Expect great things from this guy! Read Chris’s race report below.

This past weekend was the GOK cycle tour in Oudtshoorn, which is basically in my back-yard so I was hoping for a really good performance! I knew there would be guys competing from Cape Town who really wanted the prize money so I knew I’d have to put everything into it.

As soon as the gun went off the racing was really intense, there were guys attacking left, right and centre and the racing was hard and stretching out the group, only a few k’s into the race Shaun Ward and David Garret broke free from the rest of the group and were hammering on the front, I knew it was going to be a challenge to catch up with those guys, but I put my head down and really went for it, and made a good gap between myself and some of the other riders. I couldn’t keep this up for long though, as I was racing with junior gears. I ended the race coming 12th which I was pleased with, given the experience of the other guys within the field, I also won the juniors by more than 5 minutes!

For more on TeamRSAWEB check out our Facebook page. 

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Some of the guys at RSAWEB were discussing Local VS International Cloud hosting…an exciting topic (for us anyway!) and it was interesting to note how much the discussion has changed over time.

Only a few years ago – most of us would have said that International Cloud Hosting was a better and cheaper option for all, and even despite us being an ISP (Internet Service Provider) – we knew it would be difficult to complete with the International powerhouses such as Amazon et al.

Today though, this has changed massively, due in part to cheaper, faster traffic, and also due to the fact that South African ISP’s have invested heavily in order to perform on a global scale, and offer true value to SA users – with International standard SLA’s to boot. 

Read more to find out about the benefits of choosing a local supplier for your Cloud Hosting.

Local Cloud Hosting – The Benefits

  • Local Support and Maintenance – Got a problem? With local hosting it’s simple to chat to someone who speaks your language, understands you and is in your own timezone! When opposed to international, where is gets tricky, this is an easy win!
  • Latency – Hosting Internationally can cause you lots of latency issues, however when hosting locally lag time is greatly reduced.
  • Data Sovereignty – If this is an issue for your organisation, it’s always best to host local, where your data will be stored on your own soil.
  • User Experience – Slow load times lead to high bounce rates and unhappy customers. By hosting locally, SA users will experience lightening fast load times.
  • Low Bandwidth Prices – Competition within the market has caused bandwidth prices to come down drastically, with many ISP’s having really cheap hosting costs (we do for less than R3 per GB on some packages – check it out here)
  • Independent: By hosting in SA – should there be international connectivity issues, you won’t be affected. (However bear in mind that the opposite is true!)

Find out more about our Cloud Hosting packages by looking here, have any questions? Just ask us in the comments section and we’ll get back to you!

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TeamRSAWEB’s Renay Groustra fills us in on his recent success at Karoo to Coast where he came a very respectable 2nd place! This was Renay’s 7th time at this competition, was a very successful day for him. Congrats Renay! Race report and pictures below… 

For more on TeamRSAWEB check out our Facebook page – you can also follow Renay on Twitter to keep up to date on his adventures!

Karoo to Coast is one of those funny events that, although the route never changes, always seems to attract more and more riders each year, as well as the old faithfuls who can’t seem to get enough out of riding the fantastic 100km route from Uniondale to Knysna on the fast and winding gravel roads.

This year was like no other for me. I headed up to Karoo to Coast along with a record 5500 others to take the start line on Sunday morning at 7 30 am. This year was my 7th attempt at the race, and so far 4th place was the highest I have been able to manage. After doing a quick loop around the town we hit the famed Old Wagon Trail where the steep technical roads separated 4 riders off of he front with the likes of myself, Charles Keey(Blend Properties), Matthys Beukes(MTB Destination), and Gert Heyns. Year on year, the winner of the event has come from this initial split. Things were looking good! Geax Mezcal is the best tyre I have ever used for this race. Ultra low profile for low rolling resistance yet super grippy on the corners!


First to drop off was Matthys when a slow puncture made him stop to re-inflate just before we dropped down the 10km long hair raising Prince Albert pass descent. The 3 of us charged down with no hassle before taking on the next two climbs. On the second steeper climb I tested things slightly. First off the back was Gert. Charles looked like he was struggling slightly, but with 50km of open gravel roads to go, and riders like Erik Kleinhans, Christiaan Kriek and Matthys Beukes chasing it made sense to wait and work together.

The high tempo set by Charles meant we stayed clear of the chase group, but also meant that I was riding slightly above my comfort zone on the flat open roads which wore me down. With 25km still to go I found myself seeing stars as I tried my hardest to stay on his wheel. Rather than hit the wall, I made the hard choice to sit up and ride my own tempo in order to survive. Which is what I did. Just.

I crossed the line 3 or so minutes behind Charles in about 3Hours and 5 minutes, just under Kevin Evans’ old record. Less than a minute behind me was pro road cyclist Christiaan Kriek(Jelly Belly), Erik Kleinhans(Contego 28e), and Matthys Beukes. I was pretty happy to finally crack a podium at this race after 7 attempts, although the top step would have been just that extra bit sweeter. Having had a virus the last few weeks and not being able to train properly, I really cannot complain about this result.


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Developers, designers and the digitally minded of Cape Town take note: SA’s premier WordPress Conference WordCamp is coming to Town on the 4th October.

We knew we had to get involved with WordCamp given our history and passion for hosting WordPress websites, everything from small personal blogs to media companies publishing content on a large scale.

WordCamp has an amazing global reputation as the premier WordPress community event, and the Cape Town event is no different. Now in it’s third year, the events hosts the creme of local and International WordPress guru’s and is a great networking opportunity for anyone in the industry.

What you need to know:

  • Date: 4th October at Kirstenbosch Old Mutual Conference Centre
  • Tickets: There are still tickets available – so get yours today to ensure you don’t miss out.
  • Schedule  and Speaker Line-Up (our very own Director Mark Slingsby will be speaking too!)
  • Check out this highlights video below to find out more about WordCamp.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HVbeDe66t4?rel=0]


To find out more about WordCamp – follow them on Twitter and Like their page on Facebook.

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We meet with businesses everyday to discuss their IT needs, and of course, we always advocate the move into the Cloud, and have been for the last few years, but increasingly we have to deal with common business and individual misconceptions about Cloud Computing. We thought we’d take some time to tell you our most common questions and answers. Enjoy!

1. It’s just a Technology Fad

The last time you sent an email from Gmail, or logged into Twitter to send a funny tweet, you were using Cloud Computing. Most people use and interact with Cloud Computing software as a service platforms (SaaS) on a daily basis, yet they may not realise it. Businesses, Schools, and Governments from all across the world are using Cloud Computing and year on year Cloud adoption has increased at a rapid rate. Rather than considering Cloud Computing as a fad, consider it as a powerful shift in the way we can harness technology, and utilise the many services available free on the web! (Think: Dropbox, or Flickr)

 2. The Cloud is not Secure 

There is generally a feeling that due to the intangible nature of cloud (being not a ‘physical thing’ per se) that it’s not safe. This is not the case, and in many ways, Cloud Computing affords much more security than an organisation could arrange independently or via an in-house data centre or server. For ISP’s like us, security is the foundation of our business, and we invest heavily in ensuring that our clients data is secure. We actually find that data is typically lost when an organization loses control over it, including how it’s stored, how it’s shared, how it’s secured and what its end users do with it. By handing control over to a service provider, this risk is diminished. The truth is that cloud-computing is a godsend to small and medium-sized business that could have never before afforded the top-tier data center and security technology that they can now afford by utilizing Cloud Computing.

3. Cloud Computing is more expensive

Whilst we understand that moving to Cloud may confront you with some of upfront costs, we truly believe that in the moving to the Cloud will, in time, save your business a whole wad of cash. As well as power, hardware and bandwidth, we’ll also help you save massively on IT management costs. Check out our pricing structures to see for yourself. Another great thing about Cloud Computing is that it means you can expect monthly, predictable bills which makes IT financial planning much simpler.

4. The (Incorrect) Notion that Virtualisation = Cloud 

As VP of Business Development at Rackspace said ‘”The misconception is that virtualization is cloud. Virtualization has become widely adopted in the enterprise for server consolidation. It’s an enabling technology, but the cloud is really about automation. People tend to connect popular virtualization technologies with the cloud, and if you look at the clouds out there they’re not built on these same virtualization technologies.” We couldn’t agree more, we were the first ISP in SA to develop ‘True Cloud’ servers, that can be provisioned online, automatically, and so we spend a lot of our time communicating the difference between Virtualisation and Cloud.

5. Dual Points of failure 

Since our clients rely on us for both their hosting, and their connection to the internet, they often worry about dual points of failure, which is understandable. However, up-time (like security) is the cornerstone of our business, we spend lots of time and money ensuring that our clients enjoy 99.99% uptime, and have many measures to ensure this (such as automatic traffic re-direction in the event of downtime).

We consider ourselves experts in the field of Cloud, and we actively encourage asking us questions, so feel free to reach us via email, Twitter or Facebook.

You can also visit our site to find out more about Cloud Computing – check out our Cloud 101 resource.

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Get 50Mb/s ADSL with SuperPIPE!

September 05, 2012

Today we announced the release of our new aggregated ADSL product, SuperPIPE, which can deliver download speeds up to 50 mb/s.SuperPIPE works by aggregating multiple  ADSL lines into a single fault tolerant high speed connection of up to 50 mb/s that can be managed as simply as a single ADSL connection.

We’ve found that Telkom have been far too slow in rolling out faster speeds for business and consumers alike, and although they have just announced their 20 and 40 mb/s ADSL pilots,we think that this will be unattainable for many and limited to certain areas.

SuperPIPE has been built to fill this gap in the market. There is currently a huge gap in price, speed and reliability between Fibre connectivity, which allows speeds from 10 Mb/s up to 10Gb/s but at a higher cost, than ADSL which tops out at 10Mb/s. SuperPIPE bridges this gap by offering Fibre like throughput at competitive pricing with some inherent reliability.

SuperPIPE is available today in capped and uncapped packages. Installation time is also greatly reduced to weeks rather than months as is currently the norm with Fibre connections.

SuperPIPE Features: 

  1. Fault Tolerant: with automatic uninterrupted failover
  2. Speed: Significantly higher throughput than normal ADSL
  3. Aggregated (Not Bonded) Upload and download speeds aggregate 50 mb/s up and down.
  4. Quality of Service Guaranteed: Enabling VoIP and Video Conferencing along with other bandwidth hungry applications.
  5. Flexibility: 5 public IP addresses or private IP’s
  6. SuperPIPE is available across South Africa today!


Do you have any questions and SuperPIPE? If so, email us today and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 



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We’ve got great news for all of our Capped DSL customers! Free bandwidth upgrades for all!! Woohoo!

Due to massive recent growth within our ADSL subscriber market, combined with the expansion our network, we’re now able to offer you the most competitive Capped ADSL pricing we’ve ever had!

We really mean business – so you can expect up to a 50% off on some of our packages!

What’s more, Telkom is increasing speeds across all lines which means extra happiness for everyone!

To refresh your memory:  1 Mbps lines are going up to 2 Mbps and 384k are going up to 1 Mbps.

The good news from our side is that if RSAWEB manages your line for you, you can still save almost 20% each month on line rental – plus you can deal with our fast and friendly support team for all line related questions, so no more waiting in call centre queues!

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To celebrate the opening of our awesome new deck at the RSAWEB Cape Town office we’re having a Keg party! We’re over half way through winter and so, in the spirt of ushering in the warmth of Summer we’ll be drinking in the view, the sunshine and some yummy Mitchell’s beer from 4:30 today.

All friends and clients of RSAWEB are welcome, office location on this MAP. For non-beer drinkers, we’ll have plenty soft drinks. Plus, we have a table tennis table to keep you occupied and we might even have a cheeky beer pong game, so escape the rush hour traffic and pull in for a pint or two.

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