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Mover-Shaker Special Offer

October 22, 2010


Frustrated with your current web hosting provider? Need to move in a hurry? We can help

Till the end of October, we’re extending a life-line to those who can’t afford to spend another minute with their current hosting provider, and need an exit strategy fast.

Our Mover-Shaker Special offers those who wish to transfer their web hosting from their current provider to RSAWEB a chance to do so seamlessly, and receive the first 2 months hosting FREE OF CHARGE at the same time! Help us help you.

Lets recap:
Initiate transfer of your Linux web hosting to RSAWEB before the end of October (starting today), and we’ll give you:

– Full technical assistance to transfer your hosting seamlessly.
2 months hosting FREE OF CHARGE.

To move your site, simply sign-up for the package you require, on www.rsaweb.co.za and make sure you specify that you wish to transfer an existing domain.

NB: This special is only available on all our Linux Web Hosting packages, and applies to transfers from other Linux Web Hosting packages only.

Get Moving.

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.me Domains

The increasingly popular .me domains are now available for registration via www.rsaweb.co.za. These doomains are great for creating personalised, fun or creative URLs for your company website or personal online blog. Eg. firstnamesurname.me or pleasecall.me .

Use our advanced domain search tool to help you find a domain that is available for registration, and then choose whether you want to make it active on a hosting package, or simply park it for future use.

Go grab them now!


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This past weekend saw the start of the Western Province Spring League at the Tour de Worcester, and was the inaugural race for our newly formed Pro Road cycling team, featuring Robert Quinn, James Tennent, Martin Wesemann, Joshua Le Roux, Jaco Cronje and Mark Nel.

The race proved to be an excellent start for the new team who secured a podium in this their very first race wearing the Team RSAWEB colours.


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“Do not train a child to learn by force or harshness; but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each.”

–          Plato

There comes a time in every Grade 11 learners’ life when they have to decide what they’re going to be when they grow up, and job shadowing is the school system’s way of guiding the learners onto the right career path. We participated in this activity recently, when 4 young ladies from the LEAP Science and Maths School spent a day with us to understand what a career in IT industry could hold for them.

Philisiwe Mzwana, Tina Lubambo, Nomfundiso Malgas and Nosiphiwo Rose Breakfast spent time with some of our team members who introduced them to our company, the various roles and responsibilities and how our employees came to be in their respective positions. (more…)

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Cloud Computing 101

August 23, 2010

Everyone is talking about Cloud Computing. But only a handful of people really understand it, and what the proper definitions, applications and tangible business benefits are.

If your business is web-enabled in some way or form, it would be in your best interests to understand what the geeks are droning on about.

We’ve created a simple guide to Cloud Computing for those who are wanting to gain a basic understanding of the topic – a concise guide for the uninitiated.

Read it online here. Or download it and share it with friends in pdf format.


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Mandela Day 2010 was celebrated on former president, Nelson Mandela’s 91st birthday, on July 18th.  The celebration of this day is an effort to encourage all South Africans to perform a selfless task to help their community… 67 minutes for 67 years. The 67 years is a reflection of the time Nelson Mandela spent fighting for the rights of humanity – from his pivotal role in the anti-apartheid struggle, to his presidency and finally his work as mediator in peace talks and as an AIDS activist.


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Whilst we all heralded the arrival of ‘uncapped’ ADSL broadband in South Africa, and the pending 10Mbps ADSL speeds, that’s only half the story. Many don’t realise that past a certain point, the throughput speed of your internet connection will not actually result in your favourite website speeding up.

The majority of South African businesses and many residential customers are currently connected to a 4Mbps ADSL connection. The bandwidth figure is important, but by no means the only factor in determining the performance of your internet connection. Internet browsing, more commonly known as web traffic, is highly sensitive to Round Trip Times (RTT), or commonly known as ping times.

Consider the analogy of plumbing and the internet, with your ADSL connection being the proverbial pipe from the internet to your office or home. A larger pipe does not mean the water will flow faster, it will just allow more water to flow. The speed of the water flow does not increase, as is the case with the internet, which travels at the speed of light.


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“You don’t fear for your life in the middle of a storm, you can’t really afford to.”

– Ellen MacArthur

Ellen MacArthur became an icon within the sailing fraternity when she set the record as the youngest woman solo sailor to complete the non-stop circumnavigation of the globe in the 2000/2001 Vendee Globe race. She did not win the race, but her ambition, courage and determination to achieve her goals was the key. The key not only to succeed, but rather to make a difference!

Her success started at an early age (17) when she obtained her first record in single-handedly sailing the circumnavigation of Great Britain, and continued with many other achievements including, Mini Transat solo race (placed 17th), and the Route de Rhum (placed 1st, and in record time, in her second attempt in 2002). Ellen also captained a round-the-world record attempt for a crewed yacht (this attempt was cancelled when the yacht’s mast broke), and in June 2004 she set a new world record for a transatlantic crossing by a woman (Ambrose Light, lower New York Bay, USA to Lizard Point in Cornwall, UK), beating the previous crewed and single-handed records. Her crowning year though was in 2005 when she beat Francis Joyon’s single-handed, non-stop, round-the-world record.


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