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We meet with businesses everyday to discuss their IT needs, and of course, we always advocate the move into the Cloud, and have been for the last few years, but increasingly we have to deal with common business and individual misconceptions about Cloud Computing. We thought we’d take some time to tell you our most common questions and answers. Enjoy!

1. It’s just a Technology Fad

The last time you sent an email from Gmail, or logged into Twitter to send a funny tweet, you were using Cloud Computing. Most people use and interact with Cloud Computing software as a service platforms (SaaS) on a daily basis, yet they may not realise it. Businesses, Schools, and Governments from all across the world are using Cloud Computing and year on year Cloud adoption has increased at a rapid rate. Rather than considering Cloud Computing as a fad, consider it as a powerful shift in the way we can harness technology, and utilise the many services available free on the web! (Think: Dropbox, or Flickr)

 2. The Cloud is not Secure 

There is generally a feeling that due to the intangible nature of cloud (being not a ‘physical thing’ per se) that it’s not safe. This is not the case, and in many ways, Cloud Computing affords much more security than an organisation could arrange independently or via an in-house data centre or server. For ISP’s like us, security is the foundation of our business, and we invest heavily in ensuring that our clients data is secure. We actually find that data is typically lost when an organization loses control over it, including how it’s stored, how it’s shared, how it’s secured and what its end users do with it. By handing control over to a service provider, this risk is diminished. The truth is that cloud-computing is a godsend to small and medium-sized business that could have never before afforded the top-tier data center and security technology that they can now afford by utilizing Cloud Computing.

3. Cloud Computing is more expensive

Whilst we understand that moving to Cloud may confront you with some of upfront costs, we truly believe that in the moving to the Cloud will, in time, save your business a whole wad of cash. As well as power, hardware and bandwidth, we’ll also help you save massively on IT management costs. Check out our pricing structures to see for yourself. Another great thing about Cloud Computing is that it means you can expect monthly, predictable bills which makes IT financial planning much simpler.

4. The (Incorrect) Notion that Virtualisation = Cloud 

As VP of Business Development at Rackspace said ‘”The misconception is that virtualization is cloud. Virtualization has become widely adopted in the enterprise for server consolidation. It’s an enabling technology, but the cloud is really about automation. People tend to connect popular virtualization technologies with the cloud, and if you look at the clouds out there they’re not built on these same virtualization technologies.” We couldn’t agree more, we were the first ISP in SA to develop ‘True Cloud’ servers, that can be provisioned online, automatically, and so we spend a lot of our time communicating the difference between Virtualisation and Cloud.

5. Dual Points of failure 

Since our clients rely on us for both their hosting, and their connection to the internet, they often worry about dual points of failure, which is understandable. However, up-time (like security) is the cornerstone of our business, we spend lots of time and money ensuring that our clients enjoy 99.99% uptime, and have many measures to ensure this (such as automatic traffic re-direction in the event of downtime).

We consider ourselves experts in the field of Cloud, and we actively encourage asking us questions, so feel free to reach us via email, Twitter or Facebook.

You can also visit our site to find out more about Cloud Computing – check out our Cloud 101 resource.

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Get 50Mb/s ADSL with SuperPIPE!

September 05, 2012

Today we announced the release of our new aggregated ADSL product, SuperPIPE, which can deliver download speeds up to 50 mb/s.SuperPIPE works by aggregating multiple  ADSL lines into a single fault tolerant high speed connection of up to 50 mb/s that can be managed as simply as a single ADSL connection.

We’ve found that Telkom have been far too slow in rolling out faster speeds for business and consumers alike, and although they have just announced their 20 and 40 mb/s ADSL pilots,we think that this will be unattainable for many and limited to certain areas.

SuperPIPE has been built to fill this gap in the market. There is currently a huge gap in price, speed and reliability between Fibre connectivity, which allows speeds from 10 Mb/s up to 10Gb/s but at a higher cost, than ADSL which tops out at 10Mb/s. SuperPIPE bridges this gap by offering Fibre like throughput at competitive pricing with some inherent reliability.

SuperPIPE is available today in capped and uncapped packages. Installation time is also greatly reduced to weeks rather than months as is currently the norm with Fibre connections.

SuperPIPE Features: 

  1. Fault Tolerant: with automatic uninterrupted failover
  2. Speed: Significantly higher throughput than normal ADSL
  3. Aggregated (Not Bonded) Upload and download speeds aggregate 50 mb/s up and down.
  4. Quality of Service Guaranteed: Enabling VoIP and Video Conferencing along with other bandwidth hungry applications.
  5. Flexibility: 5 public IP addresses or private IP’s
  6. SuperPIPE is available across South Africa today!


Do you have any questions and SuperPIPE? If so, email us today and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 



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We’ve got great news for all of our Capped DSL customers! Free bandwidth upgrades for all!! Woohoo!

Due to massive recent growth within our ADSL subscriber market, combined with the expansion our network, we’re now able to offer you the most competitive Capped ADSL pricing we’ve ever had!

We really mean business – so you can expect up to a 50% off on some of our packages!

What’s more, Telkom is increasing speeds across all lines which means extra happiness for everyone!

To refresh your memory:  1 Mbps lines are going up to 2 Mbps and 384k are going up to 1 Mbps.

The good news from our side is that if RSAWEB manages your line for you, you can still save almost 20% each month on line rental – plus you can deal with our fast and friendly support team for all line related questions, so no more waiting in call centre queues!

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To celebrate the opening of our awesome new deck at the RSAWEB Cape Town office we’re having a Keg party! We’re over half way through winter and so, in the spirt of ushering in the warmth of Summer we’ll be drinking in the view, the sunshine and some yummy Mitchell’s beer from 4:30 today.

All friends and clients of RSAWEB are welcome, office location on this MAP. For non-beer drinkers, we’ll have plenty soft drinks. Plus, we have a table tennis table to keep you occupied and we might even have a cheeky beer pong game, so escape the rush hour traffic and pull in for a pint or two.

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You’re a small business owner, and you want access to all of the great software that your larger competitors use but at a rate that suits your pocket. 10 years ago this might have been difficult right? Nowadays thanks to Cloud Computing – this is a reality. This article will take you through all of the Cloud Software Service benefits for small businesses, to allow you to utilise Cloud to its maximum potential.

Now, let’s start with the basics – what is Cloud Software Services – or SaaS?

Software as a service (SaaS) is all around you every time you go online, it’s Zimbra, DropBox, Twitter and Skype – any service you provision online either for free, or paid is software as a service via the Cloud. It’s an on-demand software delivery model in which software and the associated data (think emails/ files) are centrally hosted on the Cloud, allowing you to access them from anywhere. SaaS has now become a very popular delivery models for many businesses such as Accounting, CRM, HR, and content management systems.

The Benefits Cloud Software Services for small businesses:

1) Cost – Almost all small companies need to watch their costs closely, Cloud computing allows small business to access great online services for a margin of the cost of traditional software. For example: Microsoft Outlook 2010 costs around R809.00 for the boxed version, however, Zimbra, which offers multiple productivity tools via the Cloud can be provisioned for as low as just R49 p/m. In addition to this, many Cloud computing solutions are pay-as-you-go and don’t require a lot of money up-front – plus, they are predictable payments (so no scary bills jumping out of the darkness!)

2) Enterprise Class Functionality – We’ve touched on this above, but today, small companies can truly enjoy world class software for a fraction of what it would have previously cost.  Large companies have the cash to fund custom functionality, small companies don’t – however, in the cloud, they can leverage development, upgrades and maintenance across the Cloud for their own business.

3) Legacy Issues – A common issue large corporates  face when moving into the Cloud is how their legacy applications and systems will cope. Luckily, smaller businesses are nimble enough to be able to move into the Cloud simply, and have less complex legacy apps to contend with. Some Cloud hosting (like us) can host legacy apps anyway – which allows multiple offices to connect to a centralised secure service so that reports can be generated live and in real time. Win win both ways for small businesses.

4) Less IT Hours – Small businesses typically can’t afford to shell out copious amounts of hard earned cash on IT support – with SaaS, all software updates are done by the service provider, meaning IT support can be spent on adding strategic value instead of slaving away on menial tasks.

5) SecuritySaaS usually affords small businesses far better security than they could provide themselves. Plus since your documents and data are stored in the Cloud, there are far less chances of them going missing, being deleted or copied, which is also great for compliance needs!

6) Scaleability – Since your software is all Cloud based – you can grow your business and staff force as quickly as you like, and only pay a small fee per employee. Having a quiet period? Scale back down, no costly capital expenditure whatsoever to worry about.

7) Availability – Cloud makes it possible for your companies emails, calendars, documents and apps to be available worldwide, which makes employees far more productive and allows for your small business to become truly Global and tap into the benefits of outsourcing and decentralised workplaces.

So we’ve summed up in 7 points why the Cloud is great for small businesses, if you’re interested in chatting to us about Cloud Computing for your business, check out or site or drop us a call. We offer the following great SaaS products: Hosted Exchange, Zimbra Collaboration Suite, and online back-up.


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Stuart gives us a run through of his XTERRA Czech journey. For more on Stu follow him on Twitter or keep your eye on the TeamRSAWEB Facebook page.

A late departure date meant a bit of a pressurised start to Xterra Czech. I arrived in Prague on Thursday morning, in good spirits and ready to go, however after heading off to the ‘over-sized baggage’ claim area, I discovered my bike had not yet arrived, it turned out that it had no been put on the flight due to human error –  very stressed, I drove out to Prachatice, about 150km away from Prague, the venue of Xterra Czech.

Eventually my bike arrived, better late than never, on Friday afternoon a few hours before rac eday. I quickly put the bike together and found my rear derailleur hanger was bent – nightmare! I replaced it and went out to test ride the route, a tough 36km loop with 1150m vertical and lots of ‘hike a bike’ sections ensued, but I felt ready.

Race day finally arrived, a late start of 13:00 gave us sufficient time to prepare. I did my usual spin and 15min swim… But it seemed my body wasn’t ready to play. The start of the race was mad, with over 300 athletes sprinting for a buoy, only 150m out. I was caught in a fist fight and kick contest with some Europeans, after this my mind was a mess and I decided to just relax and just finish. I exited the water way back, even behind guys I usually destroy in the water. On to the next part of the race – the bike.

I paced the bike, a conservative start, but the pace was yet again mad. I found myself sucking for air in around 25th spot – were they going too hard? Did they know something I didn’t know? I settled into a rhythm and started to tick off positions in the final 10k of the bike. I entered T2 in around 12th spot and my legs were ok, but not great! The run was another straight up, straight down route which made it difficult to make up positions.

I finished a broken man… In 8th place. Pretty disappointed, but this is professional racing at the toughest level. Was it the stress of the week or just a bad day… Who knows?

Congrats to Stu – a top 10 result in such crazy conditions is admirable! Stay tuned for more on Stuart’s European adventures!

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Great news! Starting from the 24th of August, we will be upgrading all of our customers ADSL lines from 1Mbps to 2Mbps and from the 1st October all our 384k customers will be upgraded to 1Mbps. This upgrade process may take up to 6 weeks, but we’ll keep you updated on this via Twitter and Email.

If you have an ADSL account with RSAWEB, you can move your ADSL line to us from Telkom and save a bundle of hard cash each month! From next month, RSAWEB will be offering new uncapped DSL services for home users that compliment the increased lines speeds with even further reductions in our uncapped and capped consumer ADSL products. You can also save by purchasing a slightly bigger package than you need to prevent more expensive top-ups happening. Stay tuned for more! 


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We’ve updated our Dedicated Server packages with brand new specs, hardware and pricing.

We now have the lowest cost bandwidth cost in SA – from just R3 per GB! What’s more

We have 3 packages to choose from that should suit most budgets: MX1, MX2 and Dedicated R1- plus custom package solutions for those who need more!


Our new packages include the following features:

  1. Latest Generation of CPU’s for more processing power!
  2. Enterprise Class Servers with effective cooling and higher reliability.
  3. Hardware RAID as standard across all packages.
  4. Unlimited free traffic between servers.
  5. Manage your server directly with full root access.



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Since already winning two of the Knysna Big 5 was not enough for Stuart Marais  –  he has now won the XTERRA race too – and we couldn’t be more happy for our newest member of TeamRSAWEB. Read all about his blistering win below. Follow TeamRSAWEB for more updates!

This was by no means an easy win for Marais – as it meant going up against former multiple SA mountain biking champion and 2010 XTERRA Knysna winner Kevin Evans “Today’s race was really hard,” says Marais.  “I had to build a lead on Kevin Evans and Nico Pfitzenmaier, which meant that I had to go out really hard on the first 3km run.  Kevin caught me quickly on the mountain bike leg, it felt like I was standing still.  I tried to stick with him, but in under a minute he was gone.  I waited for Nico Pfitzenmaier and Tyronne White who were in 3rd and 4th place and cycled with them pretty much into transition.   I heard that Kevin had 2 ½ minutes lead on me, so I put my head down and just tried to find my rhythm.   XTERRA Knysna is perfect for those athletes that want to compete for the first time.  I just loved it,” says Marais who crossed the finish line in an impressive time of 01hour39minutes32seconds.   Kevin Evans came in second, while Nico Pfitzenmaier finished third.

Check out this highlights video of the day via Still Water Sports 

Keep up to date with TeamRSAWEB by Liking the Facebook page. 

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We’re really proud to announce that the awesome Stuart Marais is now part of Team RSAWEB!

Stuart has been an dual / triathlete since the tender age of 8 years old – and since then has carved a highly successful career in the Sport. Stuart came second in the Total Sports Trialthlon, and ranked in the top in 20 in The ABSA Cape Epic.  Stuart is now one of South Africa’s best and most highly respected Multi Sport Athletes with a very bright future ahead of him.  In this interview, we catch up with him and chat to him about his past in the sport – and his BIG year ahead.

Like TeamRSAWEB on Facebook , or Follow Stuart on Twitter to keep up to date.


How did you start your career in this Sport? 

SM: I have always been involved in multi sport – for the last few years I focused on mountain biking  (Marais – burst onto the mountain biking scene with a top 20 placing in the 2010 ABSA Cape Epic) In January I decided to give the Multi Sport Challenge a try. (Stuart came 2nd overall – an amazing win for a first attempt!) For more about Stuart – check out his website.

RSAWEB: Do you come from a really active / sporty family

SM: Yes, my whole family are involved in sports – running and biking – I grew up on a farm in the Eastern Cape– and was always very sporty from a young age – from running with my dogs to climbing mountains.

RSAWEB: What do you do when you’re not competing? What is your ‘day job’

SM: I am now doing full time Xterra training and preparation – when I am not doing that I enjoy relaxing with my beautiful wife.

RSAWEB What do you think gives you your competitive edge?

SM: I’d say I’m just really very competitive by nature – others probably have more talent than me, but I really have a will to win and succeed.

RSAWEB: What do you think about joining team RSAWEB?

SM: Very excited about RSAWEB – I really believe in surrounding yourself with people who are passionate about sport – and to surround yourself with brands that represent you best. I think it’s great to be involved with such passionate people and sponsors.

RSAWEB: What big races do you have coming up?

SM:  I have a busy few months ahead – this weekend I am off for the Total Sports Xterra Knysna  then after that I am in full time preparation for Europe – Xterra Czechoslovakia, Xterra Germany and then back to SA for the Otter Trail Run later this year. It’s a busy time!

RSAWEB: What athletes in the same field as you do you respect most?

SM: I really have a lot of respect for Dan Hugo and Conrad Stoltz in terms of PR and interest they generate for the sport and for their competitive nature.


Thanks to Stuart for the interview, and all the best for Knysna this weekend!

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