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How do we achieve this? – by using Virtualization technology: Virtualization in the context of server hosting, is the practice of creating multiple ‘virtual’ servers using one single physical server. This is done in such a way, that the Virtual Servers behave and appear as if they were separate physical servers. Each Virtual Server can have it’s own Operating System installed that can be rebooted independently.

This is done using a software virtual machine monitor, such as ‘Xen’, which acts as the primary application layer, allowing another layer of multiple guest operating systems to be installed on each virtual server.

In short, Virtualization gives you the luxury of multiple Operating Systems, without the cost of extra hardware.

RSAWEB’s Dedicated Server packages all come with a Virtualization option at no extra charge, allowing clients to install their own choice of 4 different Operating Systems. Virtualization works with both Windows and Linux, allowing you the ability to run them both on one server.

Need more info? speak to one of our account managers on 0861 RSAWEB.

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We previously covered the proposed Telkom ADSL upload speed increase trial in our post in February, news posted today confirms that the ADSL line speed on the 4 Mb/s ADSL service will be increased to an upload speed of 512 kbps from the end of June. This is a marginal increase from the current 384 kbps, but will allow for better throughput for 2 way services like VOIP and ADSL VPN.

So, using a VOIP example:

If you use the G729a VOIP codec (40kbps per voice channel) you will be able to have 12 simultaneous voice channels, previously you could only engage 9 channels safely with an upload speed of 384 kbps. So for no extra cost you will now get an extra 3!

ADSL 4Mbps service = 384Kbps upload. (Current)
ADSL 4Mbps service = 512Kbps upload. (end June)

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Last week the horror of xenophobic attacks that had been gripping the country spread to Cape Town. With more than 18 000 foreign nationals displaced from their homes scared, cold,tired and hungry. Our staff decided to do something about it. Bianca Clavaux our HR coordinator had this to say “we just don’t realize how blessed we are and so many of our staff felt this was a time for us bless others in real need”. So within a few hours on Monday morning our staff helped raise R6 998 , then along with our other partner companies we matched each rand contributed by the staff, so in total we had R13 996.

A quick call to the Red Cross, (who have been doing really excellent work in rallying together volunteers and resources) and we had a shopping list of what was most needed. To fight the freezing cold Capewind we needed blankets, Makro said they had 194 in stock…..we bought them all! A while later and we had stacked 1221 tins of food. All in all this was 2 bakkie loads of goods, with no more space left we were off to the Wynberg Red Cross where we were met by a bunch of totally stoked volunteers who helped us offload all the goods, later to be distributed across the Cape Town area to those who needed it most.

Thank you to everyone who supported this initiative, if you would like to help fight xenophobia please contact the Red Cross via their website.

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New to our range of Data Centre/Hosting products, Dedicated Servers give you the best combination of hardware (Dell & Intel servers) and world-class infrastructure (RSAWEB Data Centre facilities).

Dedicated Servers completes our range Data Centre/Hosting products, offering clients more flexibility & scalability across the spectrum, from cost effective entry-level packages right through to customized high-end solutions.

Rather than bring your own hardware and Colocate it in our Datacentre, we have now launched a range of servers that can be rented, allowing you all of the tax and enterprise savings and alleviating all of the hassle of ownership and maintenance.

It’s our hardware, our bandwidth, datacenter and cabinet space, your operating system and software. We will install your operating system of choice and give you the administrator login for remote access. Should something go wrong with the hardware, our engineers will attend to the problem and replace parts without any additional cost to you. It’s stress free hardware, take a look at our Dedicated Servers here.

Here is an overview of our complete Data Centre/Hosting product range:

1) Web – Hosting (Linux & Windows)
2) Colocation (You provide: Servers & Software | We provide: hosting facilities)
3) Dedicated Servers (You provide: Software | We provide: Servers & hosting facilities)
4) Managed Servers (You kick back and relax while we take care of everything!)

Need more info? speak to one of our account managers on 0861 RSAWEB.

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Geek Kama Sutra

May 20, 2008

PC’s and Servers surround us at RSAWEB , we talk to them all day and sometimes they get very needy and we have to attend to them at night too. This may prompt our real life girlfriends and wives to wonder what actually happens when our cellphone rings in the middle of the night, and we rush out the door after receiving an sms that reads:

“Web20.rsaweb.co.za not responding on port 80”

Bring on the IT Kama Sutra 🙂


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RSAWEB is proud to announce that we have now added HSDPA to our range of broadband products! HSDPA is a truly mobile product, that offers you wireless broadband Internet across the entire Vodacom Cellular network!

Whether you’re a jet-setting CEO or first year varsity student who likes to check their Facebook from the local coffee house, RSAWEB HSDPA gives you more broadband free range with wireless broadband technology powered by Vodacom.

The 3 things you’ll need to get HSDPA:

1) A subscription with RSAWEB. (sign up here)
2) A USB HSDPA modem. (included free with contract!)
3) A laptop or desktop pc. (modem compatible with both)

Need more info? speak to one of our broadband consultants on:
0861 RSAWEB.

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RSAWEB has launched new Capped Business ADSL packages that extend the range of choice for business’s requiring static IP addresses. These packages are not limited to a certain speed but rather utilise the full capacity of your ADSL line. The new Fibre packages can run up to 4MB/s.

These packages add to the current uncapped solutions, are more cost effective for users doing less traffic and need the higher download speeds. They are also based on fibre via the international SAT3 connection reducing the number of issues created by satellite links.

These new packages will enable customers to run lower cost operations for business connectivity allowing more stable VPN solutions, VoIP, onsite servers, email and other services requiring stable connectivity.

Have a look at the new Fibre Business ADSL 4MB/s packages here

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RSAWeb ADSL customers can now test an easy to use Auto-Dynamic DNS facility that requires no client software to use.

Dynamic DNS allows a name to be updated on a regular basis for internet connections that change their public IP address often. This allows various services to work more efficiently. For example, RSAWeb Engineers use this functionality to connect to remote sites for maintenance, instead of having to try and connect to a dynamic (changing) IP address each time, dynamic DNS converts an easy name into the IP. This name stays the same but the IP address changes regularly.

All RSAWeb customers have easy access to this functionality by port-locking their ADSL connection through the MyRSAWeb control panel. Port-locking has the added advantage of allowing your username and password to work only on your ADSL line. The DNS name will be issued to you from MyRSAWeb.

In the past to use dynamic DNS you had to install client software on the customers server, this usually fairly unreliable due as the service connected to international servers, this meant that any disruption in international connectivity meant the dynamic DNS didnt update causing loss of connectivity, lost email and making it more difficult to manage remote sites.

All RSAWeb Capped ADSL accounts include free Dynamic DNS.

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Another RSAWEB Winner

April 16, 2008

A big Shoutout goes to Fransie Wolstenholme from Parow, the winner of our Sellout Magazine SMS competition. Fransie walked away with a stylish Samsung LCD Monitor for the cost of just one SMS. We’ll also be announcing the winner of our ipod touch competition shortly, so watch this space…

All RSAWEB customers:
You can still participate in our ‘Q & A with RSAWEB competition’ – where you could win a 2GB MP3 Player/Flash Drive, by telling us: “What is the one extra thing that would make RSAWEB totally awesome?” click here to participate.

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Believe it or not, our customers have a big say in how we run our business. Unfortunately, we just can’t fit you all in our boardroom! Instead we’ve created ‘Q & A with RSAWEB’ – an online questionnaire, that gives you the opportunity have your say on how things run round here. This month we’re offering an 2GB MP3 Player / Flash Drive to the best answer to our ‘What is the one EXTRA thing that would make RSAWEB totally awesome?’ question you’ll find in the questionnaire. (you must be an RSAWEB client to participate)

Click here to take part.

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