Enterprise Email Features for Everyone

Kaylon Koeries | February 10, 2014 | Blog

Enterprise Email Features for Everyone

February 10, 2014

When you log into MyRSAWEB, you will notice a shiny new look and feel. This mobile friendly up to date look is part of a complete overhaul we are doing to improve your experience when using our self service control panel.

Your very own Spam freedom fighter



We all hate receiving spam email but the most frustrating part is not having a way to block it. According to Google 60% of all email is spam which means managing it needs to be automated, unless you have loads of spare time on your hands. Our guess is you don’t and that’s why we have built an advanced spam filter into MyRSAWEB to help fight it. Large companies have always bought expensive anti-spam solutions to help deal with this problem but we believe enterprise features should be available to everyone and have now made these features available for free to all RSAWEB web hosting and email users.



You now have full control of your email, allowing you to view your last 90 days email in MyRSAWEB and mark messages you no longer wish to receive as spam. You can also resend email to your mailbox should you have deleted it from your computer from your three month archive.



 Domain administrators can quickly jump between domains to set global spam rules along with advanced administrator functionality.



Log into MyRSAWEB and look for the new spam filter under the My Account menu.





Web Mail

Web Mail has also been overhauled and we are sure you will enjoy using the new system when on the road or away from your computer. Take a look at the new webmail here.







MyRSAWEB account management simplified


We have made managing your account with us easier. Through the new My Account section in MyRSAWEB you can view your latest invoices and statements, change your billing details, submit a support ticket and change your email settings. Making self service simple is a passion of ours and we hope to keep rolling out new features each month to make your life easier.



Forgot your account login details? No problem, simply click here and choose the “lost password” option on the login page. This will allow you to reset your password. Your username is the email address this newsletter has been sent to.


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