Fibre, Home LTE or ADSL; choosing the best Internet connection.

Kaylon Koeries | February 16, 2018 | Blog

Fibre, Home LTE or ADSL; choosing the best Internet connection.

February 16, 2018

Struggling to choose between Fibre, Home LTE and ADSL? We’ve made it easy to find the best Internet connection for your needs.

Easily handle video and game streams, downloads and more from multiple devices, simultaneously.

Fast Fibre Internet is becoming available in more parts of the country and is currently the preferred option for Internet connectivity. It offers the most reliable and fastest speeds while being far less sensitive to interference than other mediums. This technology uses light to transmit data via optical cables, meaning that larger traffic volumes are transmittable with little effect on speed and no peak time slowdown. With speeds available up to 200mbps, it’s the most capable Internet connection.

Home LTE is ideal for areas with no Fibre availability and for those who need a quick and mobile internet connection.

Home LTE is the quickest alternative to get online offered by RSAWEB. Because you’re connecting to the Internet via a mobile network, all you need to do on delivery is insert the SIM card in your modem.  Home LTE is ideal for households in areas where Fibre is not yet available or if your address is temporary. If you relocate to an area with LTE coverage, simply plug it in at your new home and voila, you’re connected! You can expect download speeds of up to 10-50mbps, dependent on the mobile network, signal strength in the area and peak times.

ADSL is the most common internet connection and best for those who need an uncapped internet service in an area not yet covered by Fibre or Home LTE.

ADSL is the most common method of Home connectivity, delivered via a Telkom landline, in available areas. It offers speeds of up to 40mbps (in certain areas). ADSL performance is influenced by congestion at peak times and environmental conditions affecting the network. It is, however, a good option if your area is not yet covered by Fibre and you need an uncapped Internet connection.

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