Five ways to save with RSAWEB Mobile Data

By : Christopher Wray | November 05, 2015 | Blog

Five ways to save with RSAWEB Mobile Data

November 05, 2015

Mobile Data from RSAWEB has been designed to enable you to take control of your company’s Mobile 3G and LTE data connectivity costs. With our fast and simple online management tools you will be able to monitor hundreds of SIMs and their usage while reducing your overall monthly costs and saving your business money.



Here are five ways you can reduce your costs by using Mobile Data:

  1. Flexible pooled data

Most mobile data providers offer packages that are very much the same; a 24-month fixed contract with one SIM card and a data cap you are welcome to increase at any time.

However the catch here is that it is usually very difficult, if not impossible, to downgrade if you’ve given your employee more data than they need each month. This results in you paying for data that is charged at a very high monthly cost per GB, that isn’t being used – not ideal!

Our product is very different. With RSAWEB’s Mobile Data you buy a data bundle and divide it up among your employees exactly how you want to. If halfway through the month you see that one of your employees is going to get capped soon you simply increase their data cap and the data is instantly available. The same goes for employees who have more data than they need – with Mobile Data you can choose to rather give them a lower cap and allocate that data to someone who can really benefit from it.

This results in much happier employees and much less wasted data.

  1. No automatic overages

A few Google searches and you will find some nightmarish stories online of unfortunate mobile data users who went into massive data overages automatically without being capped or notified – resulting in bills in excess of R30 000 or more.

With RSAWEB’s Mobile Data this worry becomes a thing of the past. The data limits you assign each of your employees are hard capped, so when they reach their limits they will not be able to connect anymore. This gives you, and your employees, peace of mind that there won’t be any unexpected bills at the end of the month. If an employee needs more data later in a month there is no problem, as you can simply increase their cap in seconds via the online control panel.

  1. Multiple SIMs, 1 cap

Usually if one of your employees needs two SIM cards you’re looking at having to buy two different data accounts and SIM cards. If one of these SIMs gets capped then that is simply viewed as unfortunate for the person who needs it – which can be a huge hassle.

We allow our customers to link as many SIMs as they want to one shared data cap, enabling you to connect your phone, Mi-Fi or tablet to one data account. Once the cap limit is reached on that data accounts all the SIM cards will automatically be disconnected and quickly reactivated once the data cap is increased.

  1. See where all your data is going

If you’ve got over 100 employees it becomes nearly an impossible task to sift through invoices and usage reports to see how much data a certain person is using each month, or how much each of your departments owe for data usage in a given month.

With our simple-to-use online control panel you can create groups of employees so that you can categorize your users into departments, regions or anything else you want – the choice is yours. This allows you to see which groups are using the most data and then allocate costs accordingly. You will also be able to monitor and quickly see who is capped in each group.



  1. Keeping your users informed

As an added bonus, our Mobile Data product enables you to setup free usage notifications to warn your users via email or SMS that they are approaching their monthly cap. This will help them manage their data better and stay connected for longer.

You can also setup multiple contacts per account, so if you want to be informed along with your employees then you simply set yourself up as a contact as well.

If you would like more information about our Mobile Data product visit our website. If you’re looking for a month-to-month Mobile Broadband solution for personal use you can find more information here.


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