Future Tech: Business Benefits of Machine-2-Machine

Christopher Wray | August 22, 2014 | Blog

Future Tech: Business Benefits of Machine-2-Machine

August 22, 2014

Ever wished you could live the high-tech lifestyle like The Jetsons? The concept of Machine to Machine (M2M) technology has become ever-more popular, from sensors and software that help direct traffic and manage water treatment facilities, to systems that set off security protocols during a crises. Soon you will be working in ‘smart’ office spaces that will automatically water the plants and open doors for you.   “With energy costs continuing to rise and the global economy still on relatively shaky ground, businesses everywhere are looking for ways to streamline operations and be as efficient as technology will allow,” comments Director of Systech Corporation, Robert Lutz.

How Machine-to-Machine works?

For a M2M setup you will need a device that can receive and send telemetry (the concept of receiving data from remote sensors to be collected for analysis) wirelessly, a wireless network and a computer that is connecter in   to the Internet. The device (like a sensor) will receive information (such as temperature) that will be sent via a wireless network to a connected computer with the appropriate software installed. This software will analyse the received information and then send out the relevant action (such as increasing or decreasing the temperature).   “Imagine if our cities could talk—if they could give us live status updates on traffic patterns, pollution, parking spaces, water, power and light. Imagine how that kind of information could improve the economic and environmental health of the city for residents, merchants, and visitors. Imagine how it could improve working conditions and productivity for the people who maintain the city,” comments the team from Streetline, the dynamic ‘smart city’ management organization.


So why are we still living ‘stupid’, when we could be living ‘smart’?

Let’s be honest. Kitting your home or office with sensors and investing in the appropriate software can be quite costly. These high costs can easily demotivate the average business owner from investing in technology that may currently be viewed as an unnecessary expense. However, if the demand for M2M technology increases, chances are that costs will drop.

What are the Benefits of Machine-to-Machine?


  • Healthcare:

The simplest example of M2M technology that benefits patients is the pacemaker, which is a device placed near a patient’s heart and monitors heart rhythms, releasing pulses when it senses irregularity in the rhythm. Similar devices can now monitor other vitals and dispense medication when necessary.


  • Retail:

With advanced point-of-sale systems that can track and provide personalised data, retailers can provide both a faster and more personal shopping experiences.


  • Asset Tracking:

Tracking your vehicles, expensive equipment or products is one of the top benefits of M2M technology that can communicate locations. Not only is this modern tracking method an excellent safety precaution, but it can save you thousands in terms of theft-prevention.


  • Resource Management:

Water and electricity are the two basic resources for every business, so monitoring usage is vital to save money where possible. Installing modern sensors and meters can ensure that lights and geysers switch off automatically as needed, and motion detecting lighting will automatically switch off once the last employee leaves the office.


You can also get a return on investment (ROI) in terms of cutting time on unnecessary tasks. Installing sensors that monitor conditions and provide notifications on problematic areas will enable your employees to focus on areas that need attention, instead of wasting time on areas that do not.


  • Safety and Security:

We’re all familiar with sensors that detect smoke and heat to set off fire alarms and sprinklers. Taking it a step further with grid technology, cameras can now notify you on your mobile to inform you if there is an intruder on your property, or even to notify you that you left a window open.

  Ease and affordability are the two core focusses of improving our lifestyles, and M2M technology is just the beginning. With enough investment and interest, your next office upgrade could include a built in system that will water your plants and send out newsletters without you lifting a finger.

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