Future Tech: The Influential Power of Dynamic Perspective

By : Andy Moller | August 07, 2014 | Blog

Future Tech: The Influential Power of Dynamic Perspective

August 07, 2014

Ever tried looking around the edge of a TV screen? You know, trying to see what the camera doesn’t show. Doing so is less silly now that Dynamic Perspective is on the scene via the new Amazon Fire Phone.

What is Dynamic Perspective?


In simple, Dynamic Perspective is a technology that affects the visual display in response to the way a user holds, moves and views a device. The concept reminds many users of the Oculus Rift, the 3D virtual reality goggles, with the ability to reveal more of a displayed scene by titling the screen or your head.


“To achieve this effect,” says renowned technology guru and writer, Adario Strange, “Amazon equipped the phone with special front-facing cameras with a wide 120-degree view. Four cameras handle the head tracking, with two taking on the task at any given time, so no matter how you hold the phone the cameras have a good shot at locking in on your head’s position.”



The Benefits of Dynamic Perspective:


  • It creates a more immersive feel.
  • It enables landmarks on mapping apps to pop.
  • It eases one-handed usage and shortcuts.
  • It improves reading and game-play.


Still confused?

Have a look at the overall experience of Dynamic Perspective with the Amazon Fire Phone:




Will it change the industry?

Whether it will change the mobile industry is still unknown according to most tech experts. The Jury is still out.


“That kind of seems like our overall feeling of Dynamic Perspective; it’s a neat party trick, but it seems more in the way than anything. You’ll be impressed for all but five minutes, only to wish it would just go away,” says Director of Special Projects at TechnoBuffalo, Brandon Russell ,”Luckily, you can turn the feature off.”


However, we may be surprised as more Dynamic Perspective apps fill the mobile market.


“The company is also making a Developer Kit for Dynamic Perspective available,” comments Strange, “a decision that could result in a wide array of head-tracking applications eventually coming to the Fire Phone’s ecosystem. That is, assuming developers buy into the Fire Phone as a true platform, rather than merely a money-printing machine for Amazon’s e-commerce storefront.”


As a technology that increases immersion, Dynamic Perspective is a very useful tool to entertain viewers. Just like the Oculus Rift has business potential, so does Dynamic Perspective as a more affordable option to create virtual platforms.

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