So you have a great product/service, now what?

By : Christopher Wray | December 04, 2014 | Blog

So you have a great product/service, now what?

December 04, 2014

Many skilled individuals out there desire to work for organizations with great products or services. Companies that innovate, disrupt and get listed on the Gartner quadrants. I believe that there are more to these organizations.

A good product or service can get you going but more is required to keep the ball rolling. Below are some key points I believe organizations should focus on to retain their staff and create a positive work environment:

  • Empathythe capacity to share or recognize emotions experienced by another – Employees are emotional beings. They have personal struggles, ambitions, families and times of crisis. If the organization does not show empathy to the employee during these times, how could the organization expect the employee to show loyalty when the tables are turned?
  • Respectdue regard for the feelings, wishes, or rights of others – Although this point links in closely with the above, here it relates more to privacy, favoritism in the workplace, allowing people to do what they are employed for. Making sure that remuneration is fair and market related. Companies should ensure no harassment of any kind takes place.
  • Honesty straightforwardness of conduct – We all understand the importance of honesty but I still see many an organization being deceitful in communication by hiding something from their work force. I understand that complete transparency is not an option but integrity and truthfulness should be part of every organization’s key values.
  • Developmentthe improvement of employee personal and professional skills – I have always said “If one does the same thing every day, you are actually moving backwards”. To fall behind on the latest products, news, updates, and models is very easy in the times we live in. This can easily lead to irritation, greatly reduced productivity, and increased negativity in the workplace. On the personal (EQ) level more cases of digital burnout and digital addiction pop up every day in the workplace. Giving the employee the resources and training to improve both professional and personal skills will benefit all parties involved.
  • Stop Micromanaging Micromanagement generally has a negative connotation – Rather try the following: 1. Hire the right people 2. Make employees accountable for each other 3. Clearly and frequently articulate expectations 4. Give employees decision-making power 5. Give employees an ownership stake – Long term incentives (Build-in compensation plan, shares, etc)
  • Listenencourage active listening – all levels of employees (from directors all the way down) should be encouraged to listen to each other without thinking of a response. Employees generally want what is best for the organization. Allowing people to express their concerns will create an atmosphere for talented people to rise as leaders. Creativity and new ideas come from freedom of expression. Most people express themselves at the workplace through words.
  • Acknowledge and Reward – This is very simple, acknowledge the staff that goes above and beyond their expected duties and reward them for their actions. Time is the most precious of resources and the employee that gives you more deserves a “thank you”.

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