How can drones be used for business

By : Jacqui Hannaford |April 26, 2016 |Blog |Comments Off on How can drones be used for business

How can drones be used for business

April 26, 2016

Up until recently drones have been prodominantly used by the military, but the use of drones in the private sector is on the rise and their applications go far beyond simple reconnaissance.

Drones are proving to be extremely useful and often more cost effective than the traditional helicopters, and satelities we have become acustomed to. They are light, easy to operate and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.




The most obvious funtionality of a drone is videography or photography. This can be applied to a number of industries for many different reasons.


Below is a list of just a few industries and the ways they are incorporating drones:

  • The Film industry have been using drones for some time now, as they are easy to control and allow Directors to shoot scenes that were previously impossible, too risky to the crews safety or would have been a logistical nightmare.


  • TV networks use drones to help report the news as it is far more cost effective than commissioning a helicopter and crew. Drones can be used to capture footage of an event as it unfolds or simply to report on the daily traffic.


  • Photographers are utilising drones to capture footage of various events, capturing amazing aerial images. A number of photographers are also using drones for wildlife photography, giving them unique angles and perspective.




  • Real Estate Agents are using drones to take pictures of buildings and developments for marketing purposes. Not only giving them aerial photographs but also the freedom to create 360 degrees videos that can serve as virtual tours.


  • Construction sites use drones for real-time information about what is happening on site, providing clients with updates on the project and enabling them to inspect hard to reach places of structures making it much safer and more efficient than sending people.


Back home in South Africa drones have been looked at to help fight crime by offering officers an aerial perspective of the scene, and to help track rhino poachers in KwaZulu Natal.

The Kruger National Park have also implemented the use of drones as part of their anti-poaching initiative.




If you are thinking about incorporating the use of drones into your business here is an article on 12 things you need to know about South Africa’s drone laws.

For other unique drone application check out this article on the top 5 creative drone uses.


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