How RSAWEB created a successful work-from-home blueprint

By : Christopher Wray | June 20, 2020 | Blog

How RSAWEB created a successful work-from-home blueprint

June 20, 2020

RSAWEB created a work-from-home Blueprint that ensured they were properly prepared for the nation-wide lockdown that came into effect on the 27th of March, 2020. Overnight, we were able to deploy all staff, including our call center, to work remotely and successfully increase productivity and keep staff engagement at an all-time high. 

What is a work-from-home Blueprint? 

A work-from-home Blueprint is a set of operational rules, solutions and contingencies, set in place to make sure your business is ready and able to continue providing your clients with the stellar service they’re used to getting from your business. 

Connectivity was a priority 

For us, it all started with connectivity – making sure that each member of our staff had connectivity at home. Those with unreliable internet connections were onboarded onto the RSAWEB Enterprise Mobile data solution. They were sent LTE dongles and provided data (on both MTN and Vodacom networks) which was easily managed through our Mobile Management portal. Overnight, all 115 members of the RSAWEB team were up, running and connected to reliable and fast internet.  

Teamwork made the dreamwork

The basis of great teamwork is communication. The culture of open, transparent and frequent communication both within teams, and throughout the organisation made the transition, productivity and commitment to work-from-home strategy a success. We made sure that each department had an array of communication tools available to them. For instance, RSAWEB utilises 3CX, a cloud-based VOIP solution, to connect easily to both customers and staff.  This allowed our entire organisation, including the call-center, to support our customers using the web application, and ensuring that granular reporting was used as effective metrics to manage output. We also make use of video conferencing programs like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Zoho meetings, and internally use chat services such as Slack and Microsoft Outlook.  

With the help of these communication solutions, the RSAWEB team boosted our total talk time by more than 300%. 

Productivity soared 

By combining solid connectivity infrastructure, a variety of communication mediums, cloud-based systems and a culture of commitment to the work-from-home strategy, RSAWEB’s organisation-wide adoption of the blueprint saw an average increase in productivity of 30-40% per team. 

Thanks to the steps put in place by their Blueprint, and the smooth collaborative effort of the Enterprise department, we were able to continue catering to the increased needs of their business customers, specifically those needing rapid deployment of Enterprise Mobile Data. 

 How RSAWEB’s Blueprint helped their business

Thanks to the proactive stance created by their Blueprint, RSAWEB continues to cater to the unique needs of all our customers, from corporate to residential clients. The Blueprint was so successful that we decided to create a case study about how it not only benefitted our business – but how it can benefit other businesses, too. 

Click here to watch RSAWEB’s Blueprint Case Study Video


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