How the Cloud frees up your technical team

By : Christopher Wray | September 13, 2016 | Blog

How the Cloud frees up your technical team

September 13, 2016

By now, we’re sure you’ve heard all about the benefits of being in the Cloud and how it can give you the competitive edge. Not only does Enterprise Cloud (Virtual Data Centre)streamline your business to make it more efficient and productive it also frees up your technical team so that they can focus on business solutions and innovation.


Here are three ways that being in the Cloud makes your technical team’s life a whole lot easier:


Outsourced hardware and software updatesIf you still use internal data servers to manage and store all your business data, then your IT team probably spends a large proportion of their time building and maintaining IT infrastructure. Added to this they have to manage all the company’s software applications and constantly make sure they are up-to-date and working properly.


When you move to the Cloud all hardware and software upgrades are taken care of by your Cloud service provider and many of them are done automatically. When your team no longer has to manage and install upgrades this frees up their time so they can focus on other things.




Data security becomes less of a headache

With on-site data servers and infrastructure, the security of company data is a constant headache for your technical team. They have to constantly manage all the security protocols to ensure your company’s data is safe. The Cloud provides a highly secure and reliable environment that is fully redundant, and has automated disaster recovery.


With Enterprise Cloud (VDC) , networking and security enable you to integrate technologies such as perimeter protection, port-level firewall and NAT and DHCP services to gain virtualization-aware security, simplify application deployment and meet compliance standards. You also have the functionality to isolate multi-tenant organisations by grouping users into organisations that can represent any business unit or division in the company.


Easily scale to meet demand

If your company wants to expand to meet the demands of clients, bring in new business or develop a new system or service, in-house IT infrastructure has to be sourced and built by your IT team. This can be time consuming and expensive. Cloud infrastructure however, is easily scalable to meet your business demands. The flexibility of the Cloud means that resources are available on-demand, so there is no need for your team to worry about buying and setting up new hardware.





Two examples from our clients:


cloud free up technical team - greatsoft quote

GreatSoft is an award-winning CRM company specialising in supplying an integrated, cloud-based ‘practice management’ software solution for businesses. GreatSoft currently has over 700 clients that utilize the GreatSoft CRM application on the Enterprise Cloud (VDC).


Roelf Botha, GreatSoft’s Hosting Services Manager says that; “Enterprise Cloud (VDC) has enabled us to deploy our latest software updates simultaneously to more than 100 of our clients. This ensures that our cloud-based clients instantly benefit from our newest features as soon as the software has passed the quality assurance phase.”



Comair adopted Enterprise Cloud as they needed a solution that can keep up with the pace of their fast-moving and ever-changing business environment. Riaan Olivier, Comair’s IT Operations Manager, says that since implementing Enterprise Cloud (VDC); “our IT Operations Team no longer worries about hardware upgrades or VM performance, now they can focus on delivering virtual infrastructure for new projects.”




When commenting on the improvement in online services Riaan says that; “Previously we were unable to provide successful application performance and penetration testing through our certification environment, but with Enterprise Cloud (VDC) we provide 100% of the performance of our production environment. We also now have a geographically isolated DR environment also with 100% of the performance capacity of our production environment.” This has led to notable increases in productivity and efficiency.


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