Internet connection for your home

Katie Findlay | December 03, 2015 | Blog

Internet connection for your home

December 03, 2015

With the world moving online more and more every day and the growth of the Internet of Things, it is no wonder more families are looking at different ways to connect their homes.

The decision as to whether you think your kids should spend more or less time on the Internet is up to you but we know one thing for sure: when you are online at home you want/need a fast and reliable connection that will enable you to stream videos, Skype a friend or play a game effortlessly.

To assist you in connecting to the ‘world wide web’ at home, we provide a number of different Internet solutions for you to choose from:


Stay in control with Capped ADSL


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If you are looking for a cost-effective, easy to manage capped ADSL solution then look no further. Our capped ADSL packages offer high speed, unshaped and unthrottled Internet access which is perfect for home use. Many of our customers choose a capped ADSL as they feel it provides superior bandwidth.

Capped ADSL is ideal if you know how much data you use on a monthly basis and if you want to remain in control of your data usage. Our custom-built online management control panel makes managing your Internet easy, and if you reach your cap towards the end of the month then you can simply top-up with bandwidth from as little as R4 per GB.

Packages start at R29 per month for a 4GB capped line, to our recommended 45GB capped line for R190 per month and increase up to R599 per month for a 150GB capped line. To find out more click here.


Forget about how much data you use with Uncapped ADSL

Our Uncapped DSL packages give you access to the Internet all day and night without having to worry about how much bandwidth you use, whether you need to top-up, or when you might get capped.

Quick and easy to install (provided you have a telephone line), our uncapped ADSL packages are ideal for families that require fast Internet and a lot of it! Packages range from a 384Kbps package for R199 per month to a 1Mbps package for R329 per month or a larger 4Mbps package for R499 per month.


Get lightning fast Fibre Internet with Fibre to the Home


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Our lightning fast Fibre to the home (FTTH) will revolutionise the way in which you use the Internet in your home – whether its browsing for information or the latest cat video, downloading files, streaming YouTube and other video channels, or having a video chat with your friends.

Incredibly fast Internet in your home can change your daily lives as our one customer; Bridget Buckland notes: “Our children don’t watch any TV programmes now. They watch YouTube content instead (only for a limited time period a day of course!). We’d previously downgraded our DSTV package to the bare minimum but now my husband and I don’t watch any traditional television at all. Instead, we’ve signed up for Netflix (which has great content for kids too) and access our news online.”

With FTTH you can get Internet via a 10Mbps/20GB account for just R549 per month to the pro option of 100Mbps/200GBs account for R1 399 per month and a number of options in between. Fibre finally is becoming an affordable alternative to ADSL.


Stay connected at home or away with Mobile Broadband


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With Mobile Broadband you can stay connected while on the move! If you want to have access to the Internet while you are at home but also at your nearby coffee shop or while on holiday, then our Mobile Broadband is ideal for you. Whether you need to check up on emails while out of the office, stay online during load shedding or just have Internet at home without the cost of installing a landline, this product will keep you connected at all times.

With Mobile Broadband you connect to the Internet using either a Mi-Fi device or a USB with a SIM card in it. The Internet is provided via a 3G or LTE connection with packages ranging from 1GB for R49 per month to 3GB for R129 per month and all the way to 20GB for R959 per month depending on your usage and requirements. If you run out of data you can simply logon to our online control panel and purchase more data.

Whether you only use the Internet to check your email once or twice a week, or if you consider yourself a ‘heavy user’ RSAWEB has a connectivity option for you! If you would like more information about any of the products mentioned above please call us on 087 470 0000 or email [email protected].

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