South Africa’s lowest ADSL line rental prices

Kaylon Koeries | September 07, 2011 | Blog

South Africa’s lowest ADSL line rental prices

September 07, 2011

[Updated: 2017]

Pay less for your ADSL line rental with us! We are proud to announce the release of our updated ADSL line rental prices. ADSL lines can be rented directly from us when you sign up for your Capped  or Uncapped ADSL package. As an added bonus, when you order your ADSL line from us we will deal with Telkom for you. Additionally, if you compare our ADSL line prices to Telkom’s you will see that you can make a significant saving when ordering directly from us!


Despite the steady fall of ADSL and mobile data costs due to healthy competition over the past several years, the cost of ADSL line rentals has not followed suit. To benefit our customers, we aim to keep our line rental costs as low as possible.


SA's lowest ADSL line rental


ADSL lines can be added to any data package ordered. We offer some of the lowest line rental prices in the South African market. The new prices offer savings of up to 20% and R792 per year. With household expenses constantly increasing, not to mention rising inflation, high fuel prices and electricity costs, this is just one more saving in your pocket!


These ADSL line rental prices are available on our consumer Capped and Uncapped ADSL products. See how much you can save by switching to RSAWEB:


ADSL Line Speed Our Price Monthly Savings Annual Savings % Change Monthly
Up to 2Mbps R139 p/m R26 R312 16%
Up to 4Mbps R239 p/m R60 R720 20%
Up to 10Mbps R359 p/m R66 R792 15,5%
Up to 20Mbps R449 p/m R50 R600 10%
Up to 40Mbps R549 p/m R50 R600 8%

(Prices correct as of February 2017).


To find out more check out the details of our Capped ADSL packages and Uncapped ADSL packages.


Moving your ADSL line from Telkom is quick and easy. Why not chat to one of our support consultants to get you started? Call us on 087 470 0000 or email [email protected] today.


  1. Lee Says: September 12, 2011 9:00 am

    Hi, I am about to have an adsl line installed by Telkom as they have a special on at the moment which you get: 1MB ADSL Line, free router wireless (4 ports), 5gig national and when finished 20gig local, free installation and free for 3 months and under no obligation whereby after 3 months you can continue with them with no contract at R395,00p.m for the above, or cancel, or you can opt for a lower package.

    I was just wondering if your 10gig is national or made up national and local and also why you can’t offer something like them for first time uses like me where we have to set up all at the beginning otherwise it can be quite costly? Why I also like the idea of 3 months free is because my contract with Vodacom with the laptop usb portable modem (not sure what you call those little things you slot into your laptop to get internet)expires end March so this 3 month free helps me which is the only reason why I am going with Telkom. I was going to go with MWeb with their 3 month free special before Telkom but there were no ADSL lines and their special would have expired before I got a line from Telkom so when I phoned to get a line put in as quickly as possible to get the MWeb special they say it can take 6 weeks or more so the special would have expired by end Sept. Telkom then told me about their special and I had unti l12th of this month to get it which I did as at the end of the day I had to get an ADSL line fitted by them anyway. They have not done anything as yet though. Don’t telkom have to install an ADSL Line for me anyway?

  2. RSAWEB Says: October 7, 2011 4:02 pm

    Hi Lee,

    Yes, Telkom is offering a good package, but we offer the lowest line rental prices in South Africa. So although you may benefit from Telkom’s offer now; you’ll save more with us in the long run.


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