Local is Lekker for Cloud Hosting

By : Christopher Wray | October 02, 2012 | Blog

Local is Lekker for Cloud Hosting

October 02, 2012

Some of the guys at RSAWEB were discussing Local VS International Cloud hosting…an exciting topic (for us anyway!) and it was interesting to note how much the discussion has changed over time.

Only a few years ago – most of us would have said that International Cloud Hosting was a better and cheaper option for all, and even despite us being an ISP (Internet Service Provider) – we knew it would be difficult to complete with the International powerhouses such as Amazon et al.

Today though, this has changed massively, due in part to cheaper, faster traffic, and also due to the fact that South African ISP’s have invested heavily in order to perform on a global scale, and offer true value to SA users – with International standard SLA’s to boot. 

Read more to find out about the benefits of choosing a local supplier for your Cloud Hosting.

Local Cloud Hosting – The Benefits

  • Local Support and Maintenance – Got a problem? With local hosting it’s simple to chat to someone who speaks your language, understands you and is in your own timezone! When opposed to international, where is gets tricky, this is an easy win!
  • Latency – Hosting Internationally can cause you lots of latency issues, however when hosting locally lag time is greatly reduced.
  • Data Sovereignty – If this is an issue for your organisation, it’s always best to host local, where your data will be stored on your own soil.
  • User Experience – Slow load times lead to high bounce rates and unhappy customers. By hosting locally, SA users will experience lightening fast load times.
  • Low Bandwidth Prices – Competition within the market has caused bandwidth prices to come down drastically, with many ISP’s having really cheap hosting costs (we do for less than R3 per GB on some packages – check it out here)
  • Independent: By hosting in SA – should there be international connectivity issues, you won’t be affected. (However bear in mind that the opposite is true!)

Find out more about our Cloud Hosting packages by looking here, have any questions? Just ask us in the comments section and we’ll get back to you!

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