Mobile Broadband Working for Small Businesses

Katie Findlay | October 04, 2016 | Blog

Mobile Broadband Working for Small Businesses

October 04, 2016

There are few businesses that don’t depend on a stable mobile Internet connection to run profitably and productively. And it’s not just about being able to access your email remotely or keep in touch with sales teams on the road.


Today’s switched-on businesses are increasingly using technology to drive efficiency within their companies, and to and bring information, choice and convenience to their customers.




 How Mobile Broadband serves small businesses

Today, almost every small business has a need for Internet connectivity, but not all have the means to invest in large-scale Internet infrastructure. That’s where Mobile Broadband is invaluable. It offers high-speed remote connectivity to your cloud-based apps, data and Internet-enabled systems, at a cost that can be easily managed and controlled.


Where might you need Mobile Broadband? A few examples include keeping point-of-sale systems online, tracking deliveries and drivers, updating orders and stock lists directly from the warehouse, or connecting digital displays and product videos in-store.


Benefits of using Mobile Broadband in your business

Having anytime access to data-driven services is key to running internal processes more effectively, as well as ensuring customer satisfaction. Modern consumers not only expect but demand the convenience of Internet connectivity, even for things as simple (yet ubiquitous) as paying by card for goods and services. That’s why having a reliable broadband connection is critical to the growth, operational efficiency and success of small enterprises.




So how might Mobile Broadband benefit your business, whatever your industry? Here are a few ways:


  • Offers the flexibility of multi-channel sales to customers.
  • Can be faster than fixed-line Internet, giving customers a better in-store experience.
  • Because it’s available in top-up packages, it alleviates the anxiety of uncapped expenses and gives small businesses greater control of their budgets.
  • Improves internal productivity by giving employees remote access on the go.
  • Can boost customer interactions with your brand at the point of sale, reinforcing your message and increasing the likelihood of a sale.
  • Enables you to back up your data to cloud-based storage systems at any time.


Finding the right Mobile Broadband package for your business

Mobile Broadband is available in a range of packages to suit your budget and meet your business’s requirements. For more information contact us on 087 470 0000 or [email protected]


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