Moving Investment Software into the Cloud

By : Christopher Wray | February 14, 2017 | Blog

Moving Investment Software into the Cloud

February 14, 2017

Fundamental Software provides specialised investment management software to both local and international clients. They are recognised as the leading players in this space in South Africa and their clients include fund managers, wealth managers, pension funds, multi-managers and service providers such as Allan Gray, PSG Asset Management, Taquanta, Personal Trust and Global Independent Administrators (GIA).




Experts in software solutions for the Financial Markets, the team at Fundamental Software have developed Fundamental Portfolio Manager (FPM), a modern investment platform that differentiates them from the competition by providing easy to use, efficient and cost-effective solutions.  Today Fundamental Software’s FPM system is considered to be one of the most technologically advanced Investment Management platforms in the market.


In 2014 Fundamental Software partnered with RSAWEB and implemented an Enterprise Cloud (Virtual Data Centre) solution so that they could provide their software as a hosted (cloud) service. This means that their clients no longer require any internal IT spend or IT skills to utilise the FPM software. The move across to RSAWEB’s VDC also ensures that Fundamental’s customers can access FPM from any location. Fundamental Software went live with their first hosted client towards the end of 2014 and there are now more than 50 users of Fundamental’s hosted solution.


Michael Ross, the head of IT at Fundamental Software says that; “the hosted service offered in partnership with RSAWEB is an important part of our strategy as it allows investment firms to make use of our market-leading software from multiple locations without the need for any internal infrastructure spend.”


Aside from saving their clients time and money, RSAWEB’s Enterprise Cloud gives Fundamental Software’s clients all the benefits of owning a Virtual Data Centre (VDC) without any of the maintenance or capital costs. With Enterprise Cloud resources are available on demand so you never have to worry about buying and setting up new software. Additionally, the VDC has a fully redundant, multi-datacentre setup that ensures high uptime, data security, availability and automated disaster not require any infrastructure or IT skills to set-up and implement the software and they can access the software immediately after signing up.


Blog-FundementalOne of the biggest benefits of this is that Fundamental Software can support their clients more effectively by taking control of the underlying infrastructure and optimising it for their software requirements.


The scalability of RSAWEB’s Enterprise Cloud Virtual Data Centre (VDC) enables Fundamental Software to seamlessly ensure that the infrastructure grows with the needs of their clients.


Michael says; “the scalability of the Enterprise Cloud (VDC) service enables us to ensure the speed of the application meets the expectations of our clients as they grow.” In addition to the quick implementation time, Fundamental Software’s clients have also experienced a stable and responsive service without the need for any internal IT spend, maintenance or effort.


As Michael explains; “we keep our product offering evolving with our clients’ needs, and have some of the country’s best developers with specialised financial markets knowledge on hand to guarantee that the FPM platform remains relevant in an ever-evolving landscape.” This enables Fundamental Software to constantly adapt and improve FPM to keep it in line with the latest available international technology. The hosted service offered by RSAWEB’s VDC is an increasingly important part of Fundamental Software’s business and they expect it to grow significantly over the next few years.




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