MyRSAWEB New Feature: New Hosting and Ordering System

Kaylon Koeries | February 16, 2012 | Blog

MyRSAWEB New Feature: New Hosting and Ordering System

February 16, 2012

We know that managing domains across different ISP’s can be a nightmare – wouldn’t it be great if there was a straightforward and simple way to manage your domains and register new ones? Well – we’ve now added a new feature to the MyRSAWEB control panel that allows you to do just that!

Below is a breakdown of what our new and improved system allows you to do:

  1. Check multiple domain’s availability using 1 simple tool
  2. You can even upload a CSV file of domains and we’ll check if they are available or not!
  3. Register multiple domains for hosting in 1 simple step.
  4. Transfer multiple domains or domain hosting to us from other ISP’s in one step.

FAQ’s about Hosting and Ordering System:

Question: How many domains can I register at the same time? 

Answer: You can register up to 300 domains at one time, however we suggest you register batches of up to 100 at a time, of course if you just want to register a few, that’s also fine with us.

Question: If I am moving from another hosting company, how easy is it? 

Answer: It’s straightforward, we handle the domain migration and hosting on our side, you just need to handle the transfer of your website files to the new package.

 To find out more, and give this handy new tool a try – log in to the MyRSAWEB control panel and navigate to ‘Order Hosting’.

As always, your feedback means we can improve our products and services, so if you have any, drop us a line at [email protected]  or call us on 0891 772 032, we’re also available for online chat!


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