Obox & RSAWEB: Startups can Dominate Online in an Instant

Christopher Wray | August 07, 2014 | Blog

Obox & RSAWEB: Startups can Dominate Online in an Instant

August 07, 2014

Setting up a website for your company used to be a time consuming hassle. Now thanks to our partner Obox, one of the worlds leading WordPress theme and plugin developers, you can set up a beautifully designed website in a few minutes. Adding beauty with speed when setting up your website is what Obox’s new service, ‘Instant’, is all about.   ‘Instant’ is Obox’s latest product that enables people to set up a website without the need to know complex coding and back-end development,  uploading and setting your chosen theme to look just like the theme demo they show on their website. To enable Instant they chose to use RSAWEB’s cloud hosting platform that provides ample online storage space and easy setup in mere minutes. It’s all about speed, simplicity and style.   “It’s not uncommon that our customers purchase a product from Obox without knowing that they need to setup hosting, install WordPress, and configure their theme,” says Obox co-founder Dave Perel, “With all your information entered, we will setup your new website to look exactly like the theme demo.”   It’s important to invest in your company website and even better if it is at a low cost but still provides high value. “Partnering is close to our heart and we are building an ecosystem to enable guys like Obox to use our infrastructure easily through API’s that will take the hassle out of hosting and allows them to focus on what they do best.” says Rob Gilmour, RSAWEB MD.

Why Obox Instant?

Instant is great for startups who don’t want the hassle  setting up their own web hosting. It takes care of everything from domain name selection and theme installation to hosting and alterations.   “Paying [R522,85] per month lets customers get going right away, provides one centralized location for all website support, and makes for a really easy and smooth website launch,” comments SkyVerge Content Manager, Beka Rice, “I also really like that customers aren’t tied into the service…Obox registers the site in the customer’s name so that they can take everything about the site with them if they switch away from Instant.”  

Why RSAWEB Cloud?

Being in the Cloud is ideal for reducing capital expenditure, especially if you’re a startup. It’s easier and cheaper if you don’t have to spend thousands of Rands on the servers and networking you will need to operate your business. With RSAWEB’s Cloud solution and MyRSAWEB Control Panel you can set up numerous machines at almost a moment’s notice. And the bonus, since resources in the Cloud are elastic, you can scale as needed without any difficulties. Get in touch with us to explore how you can use our infrastructure to enable your business.

If Instant sounds like the service for you, contact Obox now for more information. You can also contact RSAWEB to speak to a consultant that can advise you on what internet infrastructure would best benefit your business, or click here to start setting up your Cloud.

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