Our top 4 products for business

By : Christopher Wray | December 08, 2015 | Blog

Our top 4 products for business

December 08, 2015

At RSAWEB we are always striving to bring you the latest technology and to ensure that your business has the fastest Internet and the best Cloud solutions available in the market. With this in mind we have put together a list of our top four products for your business and the reasons why you need them:


City Fibre – keeping your staff connected and productive  

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City Fibre, is our incredibly fast Internet connectivity product that allows businesses in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban, and their employees, to work at unprecedented new speeds. With City Fibre your business can get Internet access at up to 200Mbps for both uploading and downloading – that is 50 times faster Internet than a normal ADSL 4Mbps line.

The incredibly fast Internet speeds that City Fibre provides also come uncapped, meaning that you never reach the middle of the month and realise your account has been throttled or suspended, forcing numerous employees to halt their online activity and stunting your business’ productivity.


Mobile Data – helping you manage your mobile staff’s data usage  

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Over the last two years we have seen major growth in the uptake of our Mobile Data product which is not surprising given the increase in the trend of the mobile workforce and the fact that Mobile Data’s capacity for providing you with transparency on data spend assists many businesses in cutting down on their monthly data expenditure.

Mobile Data is designed to enable you to take control of your company’s Mobile 3G and LTE data connectivity costs, allowing you to manage and monitor hundreds of SIMs and their usage easily and efficiently. To find out more click here.

Two well-known South African media giants are already making use of Mobile Data to ensure their remote working journalists are always connected – to find out more read our case studies on Caxton’s Publishers.


Enterprise Cloud – to remove bottlenecks caused by slow Cloud storage  

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Through Enterprise Cloud (Virtual Data Centre) we offer you SLA backed blazing-fast flash SSD storage without the hassle of bottlenecks, PLUS the ability to manage scalable resources on demand. Through Enterprise Cloud we will help you reinvigorate any application that is struggling under a heavy load.

Hosting applications on Cloud infrastructure has a number of advantages including the fact that you can scale up your CPU, RAM and storage as your application requires. However, in many cases as applications scale, slow storage leads to a bottleneck and the addition of more storage does not assist in improving the situation or speeding up the system.

We have addressed this problem by offering you the ability to choose the number of IOPS (Input Outputs Per Second) you require – including the added guarantee that you will gain IOPS as and when required, ensuring a constant level of performance. For more reasons why you should choose Enterprise Cloud (VDC) for your business click here.

One of our clients; Moneyweb makes use of Enterprise Cloud(VDC) as they needed a way to bring their core web products in line with their new and expanding needs, but also wanted to move to a set of technologies that would allow them to be more flexible, develop faster and respond to new ideas and new trends quickly.

Maroela Media has chosen to use Enterprise Cloud due to the access they gain to our team of Cloud experts, which greatly reduces their risk and provides them with peace of mind that their business’ online infrastructure is secure, fast and infinitely scalable.


Flex Cloud making JAVA and PHP Cloud developers more efficient  

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Flex Cloud is a fantastic tool for JAVA and PHP Cloud computing as it provides an auto-sizing, highly scalable Cloud platform that allows developers, software agencies and SaaS vendors to increase efficiency, concentrate on their development and decrease the amount of time spent on infrastructure and server management. 

Through Flex Cloud you can remove the need for developers to deal with in-house server admins while at the same time allowing them to code with no code changes or specific API requirements – yes that’s right, there is absolutely no vendor lock-in. For information about how developers use Flex Cloud ‘in the real world’ click here.

Flex Cloud’s functionality and ease of use is guaranteed to fundamentally alter the way in which local developers code – to find out more and to trial Flex Cloud for yourself click here.

Whether you are looking to move your business onto faster Internet or are needing assistance with managing your staff’s mobile data usage or increasing your developer’s productivity – we are here to help so please contact us on 087 470 0000 or via email.

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