Quick fixes from RSAWEB support

By : Christopher Wray | December 10, 2019 | Blog

Quick fixes from RSAWEB support

December 10, 2019

At RSAWEB, our incredible support heroes go above and beyond to ensure our customers have the best experience. There’s nothing worse than waiting for help when you’re having an issue. This is why, on average, we resolve most queries within a 5-minute phone call. While we’re always more than eager to help, not everything requires a phone call or email. Below are some quick fixes for the most common queries our Support Heroes receive. 


What is my WiFi password? 

Unless you’ve changed it, your password can be found on the underside of the TP-Link router. Look for “Wireless Password or Wireless PIN it will be a long string of numbers and/or letters. 


How do I change my WiFi password and network name? 

Changing your WiFi settings will make it easier to connect and make your network more secure. 


If you’d like a step by step, check out our blog on how to set up your router. 


What is the difference between 2.4GHz and 5GHz?  

These are the two WIFI signal types that allows your devices to connect to your router which in turn connects to the internet. 2.4GHz is slower but has better range, 5GHz is faster but with less range. If youre closer to the router, your 5GHz signal will work perfectly, 2.4GHz will be more reliable the further you are from your router. 



Why is my Fibre WiFi slow? 

If you’re having slow speeds, you’ll need to check if the issue is with your WiFi or your fibre line. Perform a speed test while your device is connected to your router via ethernet cable to check your line. 

  • If it is WiFi issue, check out our tips for improving your WiFi network at home. 
  • If your speeds are still slow when using the ethernet cable, check out our net notices to see if there are any network issues in your area. 


My fibre works perfectly but I cannot send any emails. 

Your outgoing mail server might require authentication. You simply need to enable authentication. 

  • Open Outlook 
  • Click on File and select Account Settings > Account Settings 
  • Select the email address you are modifying and click on Change 
  • Click More Settings 
  • Apply the settings below in the Advanced tab. 
  •  Username: Your email address Password: Use the email account’s password. 
  • Incoming Server: webhosting.rsaweb.net IMAP Port: 993 POP3 Port: 995 
  • Outgoing Server: webhosting.rsaweb.net SMTP Port: 465 

If the above does not work, you can try the non-SSL Settings, though this is not recommended and is less secure. Make sure to uncheck any boxes for SSL/TLS. 

  • Username: Your email address Password: Use the email account’s password. 
  • Incoming Server: webhosting.rsaweb.net IMAP Port: 143 POP3 Port: 110 
  • Outgoing Server: webhosting.rsaweb.net SMTP Port: 587 

If you’re still unsure about anything and need further help, our incredible support team is always eager to help. They can be contacted via Facebook and Twitter.



Why is my LTE connection slow? 

If your internet connection seems slow, try moving your LTE router to different areas in the house until you find the best position for an improved signal. Note that thick walls, glass and radios could impact on your signal strength. 

Why is there a red light on my LTE Router? 

If you notice that your LTE router has a red light, you should follow these steps before contacting RSAWEB Support: 

  • Switch off the LTE router 
  • Remove the sim card 
  • Wait for about 30 seconds  
  • Insert the sim card  
  • Switch on the LTE router 



How do I perform a speed test?  

  • Open a web browser, in the address bar type in speedtest.net and press enter 
  • Once page loads click on GO 

Why is my 1GB SIM card not working? 



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