Ready to go Cloud?

By : Christopher Wray | October 10, 2013 | Blog

Ready to go Cloud?

October 10, 2013

We are very excited to announce that our new Cloud Server product is officially live!




This is the 3rd version of Cloud Servers and we have completely rewritten the control panel to make it even simpler to use. We have also swopped out the backend with VMware technology and are confident that it is the best version yet.

Cloud servers behave just like physical servers but take away the need for physical hardware. This means you can upgrade their RAM or disk size with one or two mouse clicks rather than having to open the server and install a new disk or RAM stick. By removing the hardware management you get to focus on the application you want to run on the server and have the peace of mind that your server will always be running.

We have made server management simple and the best part is that we only charge you for the hours you use, so you are in control of your costs.




Along with the upgrade to the underlying hardware and software that powers our Cloud Servers product, we have also built a couple of features that were highly requested by customers:

Pay Per Use

South Africa’s first true cloud offering is now billed per hour.

Only pay for the resources that you use and nothing else. Here are our rates per resource type:

RAM/CPU: 49c per hour (per GB)

Storage: 5c per hour (per 25GB increment)

Microsoft Windows Licensing: 12c per hour (Linux is free)

Bandwidth: R2,50 per GB!

If you have a big campaign ramp up resources, when it’s over, just scale back down. Simple.





New Control Panel

 We’ve simplified the management of your Cloud Servers by building a new and improved control panel within MyRSAWEB.

Included is a setup wizard to help first time customers launch their first servers and real time activity monitoring to quickly see if something needs attention.

Servers made simple.



You can now group your servers and manage them by projects. This helps management and shows you the cost for each project in real time.


Upcoming Features

We are not finished yet, our Cloud team is working around the clock to improve the product and will be releasing many improvements over the next few weeks.We would love to hear your feedback.


 Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I deploy a server?

You simply need to log into MyRSAWEB and navigate to the “Cloud” menu item and follow the setup wizard instructions to launch your first server.

How will I be billed?

Once your first server has been created billing will begin, if you chose to stop your server at any given time you will no longer be billed for RAM/CPU usage, however you will be billed for your storage which is still active. Servers are billed by the hour per resource.






What will be happening with the older version of Cloud?

We are migrating existing cloud servers during the next few weeks.

We will be assisting all existing customers personally during the migration processes.

If you have any feature requests or ideas, we would love to hear your comments.



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