RSAWEB and Fortinet: Securing Digital Transformation

By : Christopher Wray | May 28, 2019 | Blog

RSAWEB and Fortinet: Securing Digital Transformation

May 28, 2019

Network and system security is more critical today, than ever before. The inbound threat vectors are creatively endless and the attack surface is wider than ever before. RSAWEB partnered with Fortinet some time back and this decision has given us –and our customers– daily peace of mind.  

Using the Fortinet security fabric, we are able to help our customers build security driven networks with products that simplify the protection of the entire attack surface without compromising performance. Fortinet also allows us to deliver application centric WAN edge solutions as well as multi-cloud deployment options that don’t impact performance or operational efficiency. If protecting your systems and networks from the bad players on the internet was not complex enough, compliance legislation like GDPR and POPI as well as industry sector compliance regulations add to the matrix of the security portfolio.  

The Fortigate Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) is the foremost RSAWEB network security offering by Fortinet. 

Fortigates are available as either physical or virtual appliances and scale to match your requirements. By combining “built for purpose” hardware with threat intelligence security services developed by Fortiguard Labs, Fortigate firewalls deliver astounding protection results without compromising performance and still manage to include traffic encryption.  

One of the challenges faced by layering threat protection for organisations is the difficulty in managing these integrations whilst maintaining visibility of each. Fortigate provides inherent automated visibility and security ratings for each of your applications, users and entire network. Reducing the complexity usually involved with adopting security best practices by highlighting any potential issues to help you faster adopt best practices; it’s like having GPS guide you to the golden egg.  

At RSAWEB, we provide managed Firewall services including deployment (physical or virtual), configuration and basic product and service support and maintenance. We further provide Professional services supported by our Partners which include security architecture, architectural changes and complex deployments.  

Couple the basic firewall product and service with FortiAnalyzer for granular reporting and log storage as well as FortiTokens for multi factor authentication and you’ll be on good footing to take back some ground against the security threats coming after your data.  

For high-performance threat protection, validated security effectiveness, protection for mission critical appliances and continuous automated risk assessments call us on 0874700000 or email [email protected] we are always eager to help you. 

If you would like to leverage our infrastructure, knowledge and skills to offer any of our security solutions, connectivity, mobile data or cloud services to your customers we are happy to help you join our Partner ProgramEmail [email protected] to find out more. 

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