How RSAWEB helps Native VML stay ahead

By : Christopher Wray | October 31, 2017 | Blog

How RSAWEB helps Native VML stay ahead

October 31, 2017

With offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg serving some of the best and largest brands in South Africa, full-service and multi award-winning marketing agency, Native VML, creates purpose driven work that plays a large role in people’s lives.

In South Africa, the agency builds and manages a number of digital solutions for their clients.  Every month the combined number of visitors to all their platforms runs into the millions and a host of staff and content contributors access the websites on a daily basis (and not only from the office). They, therefore, need to make sure their business runs as smoothly as possible. To do this, they utilise RSAWEB’s Virtual Data Center and Business Mobile Data services – Dale Van Blerk, Head of QIS (IT, QA, Infrastructure & Support) and in charge of managing these services, explains why.



Virtual Data Center 

“Native VML was an early adopter of virtual machines being hosted in the cloud and we have been using them since 2011.

It’s a core requirement for our business as it provides us with a trusted environment that we can use to build our sites for clients and it provides a disaster solution. As we continue to move more and more of our infrastructure into the cloud, being able to offer clients services that are scalable and in a short period of time, is imperative.

Before moving to the Virtual Data Center solution, we used a larger company to help manage our virtual hosted machines, but unfortunately, the service they provided was very slow and not that great. RSAWEB provides us with a quick and efficient service that’s flexible and scalable. We manage our secure and dedicated servers (with automated disaster recovery) via their easy-to-use online control panel and have access to advanced networking via VPN and Firewalls – and with access to their team of experts, I can actually speak to people to get to a solution.”



Business Mobile Data

“Due to the nature of our business, we need to ensure that we stay connected and productive anywhere – and at any time. So, we looked for something that could scale according to staff and have the ability to shift unused data around to users who required more.

The Business Mobile Data solution from RSAWEB is great! You have complete control over your usage via a control panel and at the ‘touch of a button’ you can distribute your pooled data and top up without even having to log a call. We also get reports detailing exactly what is being accessed online – by groups, individuals or even each individual SIM card. You can also set data caps on SIM cards and limit what can be accessed online. The notifications are useful too. We have been using this service for the past eight months for our employees and IT staff and it has halved our data costs and saves individuals a minimum of three to four hours of time a week.”

As you can see, these two great services are not only saving time and money, but the increased efficiencies allow Native VML to do what they do best.

Dale advises that “having VDC and Business Mobile Data services is an essential requirement, not only for Native VML but for all businesses to grow over the next five to ten years.


To find out more about how these services can help your business grow too, contact RSAWEB today.

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