RSAWEB’s Mobile Data Solution – the best mobile spend manager in South Africa

By : Christopher Wray | June 27, 2020 | Blog

RSAWEB’s Mobile Data Solution – the best mobile spend manager in South Africa

June 27, 2020

During the lockdown, companies have been forced to make some key changes to the way they operate, while still being obligated to save money and boost productivity where they can. RSAWEB’s Mobile Data Solution is the best mobile spend solution in South Africa, and can help you save 50% on your company’s mobile data spend as well as keep your staff connected, online and productive – and here’s how: 

Step 1: Getting Them Connected 

First, companies had to make sure that their staff had connectivity from their new home offices – and the easiest and most ubiquitous way to do this was with Mobile connectivity.  

RSAWEB’s Mobile Data Solution is not just the best way to connect, but also the quickest and easiest. Business clients are supplied with SIM cards for their mobile workforce – granting them instant and easy connectivity. With wide-spread network coverage powered by MTN and Vodacom, these SIMs keep entire workforces connected – no matter where they are in the country. 

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Step 2: Assigning SIMs with Data 

Next, businesses had to make sure that every SIM they received had data assigned to it before it could connect online. 

RSAWEB’s Mobile Data Solution allows businesses to assign each SIM to a user profile, as well as purchase affordable data bundles and pool all their data together, assigning each SIM profile with data from the pool. It also allows businesses to set a cap for each account to stop their staff from over-using datawhich can allow you to save 50% on data costs. Additionally, an alert email will be sent when nearing the data cap.  

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Step 3: Managing the SIMs 

Once their staff were connected, staying on top of every SIM was an ongoing priority for businesses. Whether they had 10 or 1000 staff members – individually managing all the SIMs assigned to their business could prove challenging. 

RSAWEB’s Mobile Management Portal comes equipped with advanced functionality capabilities that allow for monthly and daily reports pertaining to the usage of each SIM – in real time. This provides businesses with an added layer of transparency, enabling them to earmark top data users and action relevant changes before they start over-using and wasting data in the pool. The portal also allows companies to keep a watchful eye over the usage of the different departments within their business. 

The additional functionality of Enterprise APNs extends the office network to the home office while enforcing office security policies, which includes limiting websites or providing secure access to cloud resources. 

 Step 4: Staying Productive 

With businesses now having completely mobile workforces, making sure that productivity standards remain consistent became a priority. 

With the use of RSAWEB’s Mobile Management Portal, coupled with a FortiGate Firewall, businesses can control what sites their employees can and can’t access. This ensures less data being used on sites which are non-business critical. For instance, employers can add popular social media sites to ‘filter lists’ that stop employees from visiting them, or only access them at certain times of the day. Being able to filter any non-essential and distracting sites helps up productivity, as employees are now able to focus on their work and tasks at hand. Furthermore, the reporting and analytics a Firewall can offer allows managers to dig into work-time productivity.  

Step 5: Getting Billed 

One of the final steps in a business’s mobile transition would be getting billed for the Mobile Data and SIMs they purchased and assigned to their staff. While this may seem like an odd step to mention, it’s certainly pertinent if you consider how billing has traditionally been handled in the world of Mobile Data. Traditionally, businesses would get sent binders full of individual contracts – typically one per SIM. 

With RSAWEB’s Mobile Management, businesses are spared this timeous hassle and receive one invoice bill for all the SIM cards and data on their business’s network. Furthermore, the individual usage per SIM card can be pulled from the RSAWEB Dashboard, allowing cross-department billing if necessary. This small innovation to the traditional billing procedure can end up saving businesses hours of time they would spend on traditional reconciliations 

Step 6: When the Lockdown Ends 

Many companies have resumed operations as the national lockdown laws continue to change, and for many its back to business as (new) usual.   

We have seen that South African companies require mobile data now more than ever. Instead of getting tied into individual contracts and time-consuming reconciliations, RSAWEB’s portal will continue to add value to your business’s fleet, mobile workforce, stay at home workforce and other changing demands.  

FMCG Businesses 

With the lifting of alcohol regulations, FMCG businesses like distilleries and other producers of alcohol are back to mobilising their workforces, pushing sales and handling marketing needs around the country. Making sure these mobile teams are always-on and connected to the relevant company-critical applications is vital. 

Logistics & Transport 

Logistics and transport companies have never been busier, becoming the core to ensuring that home and business deliveries keep our economy going. We have seen that their operational demands are increasing, with more vehicles and workers now being dispatched. These companies require analytics from these vehicles in order to keep them safe, efficient and maintained. 

How RSAWEB Can Help 

RSAWEB’s Mobile Data Solution has helped two companies in these sectors, namely Distell and Intercape, to stay connected to their staff and help them continue to manage the data needs and connectivity of their mobile teams – saving them 50% on their mobile data spend while we’re at it.  

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