Save up to 50% on your mobile data spend with South Africa’s industry-leading insight-driven analytics dashboard

By : Christopher Wray | July 16, 2021 | Blog

Save up to 50% on your mobile data spend with South Africa’s industry-leading insight-driven analytics dashboard

July 16, 2021

A large focus for many businesses, SMEs to large enterprises, is cutting costs wherever possible. This has become increasingly prevalent in recent times, as businesses have had to be creative and forward-thinking to achieve this.   

Businesses have had to equip their staff members with mobile data, SIM cards and devices to stay connected while they are on the road, working remotely, or accessing their internal systems and ensuring their devices and connections are secure.   

The challenge is that traditional mobile data costs are high, unpredictable, and difficult to manage. Not only this, but there isn’t much transparency provided, little to no reporting, and customers regularly experience invoice shock – where they get an invoice that they did not expect.   

At RSAWEB, we have an answer for this problem with an updated Mobile Data Management Solution, South Africa’s best insight-driven analytics dashboard that can save businesses up to 50% on their mobile data spend. Olarm, one of RSAWEB’s customers that specialise in smart security solutions said that ‘’RSAWEB’s Mobile Data Solution is so useful that it has become the backbone of our business!’’ 

Find out how RSAWEB’s Mobile Data Management Solution can positively impact your business.


What Makes Our Mobile Data Management Solution Different? 

Our Mobile Data Management Solution has been developed in-house by our team of experts, which enables us to constantly update and upgrade the solution with powerful features – depending on the needs of our customers. Our Solution also provides businesses with a bird’s-eye-view of how their mobile data is being spent; how many SIM cards they are currently paying for, and which SIM cards (and their assigned users) are using the most (or least) amounts of data – all in one easy-to-read and understand analytics-driven dashboard. E4, a Software Development company and client of ours had this to say about our solution, ‘’We needed to have a way to manage all the SIM cards in one single platform and reduce our monthly costs – RSAWEB’s Mobile Management Solution allowed us to save 50% on our monthly data costs.’’ 

Our solution’s dashboard also allows you to pool your data, across MTN and Vodacom, and allocate data to each user and SIM card, all while managing it remotely using this effective tool – no need to take out contracts or interact with the end-user or the mobile operator.  

The spend manager functionality makes this tool invaluable when monitoring budgets, tracking user trends, and ensuring that wastage or overage is kept to a minimum. The Hardy Boys are another of our clients, who needed this level of control and agility over their mobile data needs to assist their remote and traveling staff members. They had the following to say about our Mobile Data Management Solution, ‘’The dashboard’s functionality enables us to make changes at the click of a button, and the simplicity of use with the solution has taken away the hassle of mobile data management that we were having through conventional suppliers.’’ 

Businesses are spared the timeous hassle of having to sift through pages of information pertaining to each and every SIM card they have purchased. Instead, they receive one invoice bill for all the SIM cards and data on their business’s network, which creates more time for staff to focus on other more business-critical tasks. Our solution also comes equipped with advanced functionality capabilities that allow for monthly and daily reports pertaining to the usage of each SIM – in real time 

Learn more about how RSAWEB’s Mobile Data Management Portal can help your business cut costs.

How Our Mobile Management Solution Will Benefit Your Business 

We have added new features to their Mobile Data Management Solution, providing businesses with even more benefits – making it easier to manage your mobile data spend:

  1. Complete Usage Transparency
    Manage your usage and budgets so there is no wasted data and track real-time cost of data and SIM cards.
  2. Simplified Billing Procedures
    One invoice for ALL your SIMS and Data.
  3. Remote Management
    Onboard and move SIMs between groups, assign top-ups, cancel and SIM swop all your SIMs using one simple management console.
  4. Informative Insights
    Real-time and insightful reporting dashboard which tracks the actual spend of in and out of bundle usage.
  5. Simple System Integration
    Use RSAWEB’s API to easily integrate with your in-house or 3rd party applications, dashboards, reporting tools, existing systems and interfaces.
  6. Granular Reports
    Reports and historical data – downloadable in CSV and Excel for your convenience.
  7. Proactive Alerts
    The RSAWEB tool allows Administrators to set alerts for Caps being reached – these alerts are proactive and inform you when a cap is being reached.

Beneficial features that will help you save money and acquire valuable insights

Our Mobile Data Management Dashboard is designed with your unique needs in mind and is packed with powerful features – making it easy for your business to navigate, manage spend and turn valuable insights in to real benefits: 

  • Instant Updates
  • In-Depth Analytics
  • Top-Ups, Data Caps and SIM Limits
  • Spend Management Including Usage Alerts
  • Real-Time Reporting with Downloadable Reports
  • Quick Activation
  • API Access
  • Simplified Billing

Learn more about the new benefits & features RSAWEB have added to their Mobile Data Management Solution.

If you would like to connect and enable your workforce to stay online from almost anywhere in the country, whilst saving your business up to 50% on your mobile data spend, click on the ‘Learn More’ button below or call us on 087 470 0000. Alternatively, you can request a visual demo from RSAWEB so you can see first-hand just how beneficial their Mobile Data Management Solution is by emailing  [email protected].

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