Take your tech outside

Christopher Wray | October 16, 2018 | Blog

Take your tech outside

October 16, 2018

The summer sun is on its way and it’s time to take things outside. South Africa offers endless opportunities for exploring the outdoors and has stunning weather to match. But as you stare out at that mountain vista, take in the African sunset or get some thrills surfing the waves on our beautiful coastline, there’s no need to keep these experiences all to yourself. Now you can share all your outdoor adventures instantly with your family, friends, fans, followers and the world.


Here are 10 reasons to take your tech outside this summer and go exploring:

  1. Always connected, anytime, anywhere

There’s no longer any need to be out of touch. With 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE connectivity available around South Africa you can keep connected no matter where you are.


  1. Mobile, portable and lightweight

Gone are the days when carrying computers, tech, gadgets and gear was clunky and cumbersome. Today, your smartphone acts as a lightweight super-computer with seemingly unlimited functionality. Plus, smartphones are also high-quality cameras, music players, personal movie theatres and gaming devices all rolled into one. Simply slip it in your pocket and take it with you anywhere.


  1. Capture the adventure

Now you can capture stunning and special moments easily. GoPro’s are designed to be taken with you anywhere – no matter how extreme! Drones are becoming more and more lightweight to the point where some can even fit into your pocket. Or you can use your smartphone as a tool to capture authentic moments while on your adventures.


  1. Instantly share your stories on social media

Whether it’s drone videos, GoPro films, Facebook live streaming or Insta-stories, you can record these special moments and upload them in real time. Don’t wait until you get home to upload, edit and share your favourite snaps and videos, now you can capture the moment as it happens and instantly share it with the world.


  1. Get your kids outside with tech

If your children are addicted to tech then there are many ways to encourage them to spend time outdoors using online apps and games. A simple one to start with is a nature treasure hunt; have them search for natural objects like trees, leaves, flowers, pebbles and insects. Let them take pictures with your phone camera of the objects they find.


  1. Become a (part-time) digital nomad

Don’t be chained to your desk. There are a range of gadgets that let you take your office with you and work anywhere. Become a digital nomad (even if it’s just part time) and take your office outside this summer.


  1. Track your stats

Fit-bits, Apple watches and other fitness trackers allow you to measure all your biometrics throughout the day, count your steps and track your exercise routines. Measuring your results will help you improve your performance. You may even be able to earn rewards with your health insurance or other apps too!


  1. Internet on the go!

With RSAWEB’s Mobile Broadband, you get high-speed Internet wherever you are and whatever you’re doing! Start your next adventure and stay connected while on the move!


  1. Share the love

Mobile Broadband also allows you to connect multiple devices, so your friends and family can be online with you.


  1. Life’s better with Fibre

Our FTTH (Home Fibre) comes with 1GB free Mobile Broadband every month so you can stay connected wherever you are.


To find out more about how we can keep you online at home and on the move contact us today on 087 470 0010 or [email protected]

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