The Cloud makes business sense

By : Christopher Wray | January 11, 2017 | Blog

The Cloud makes business sense

January 11, 2017

There is a common thread that runs through almost every discussion we have with our customers, and it centres around three core business outcomes: risk mitigation, revenue growth and cost efficiencies. These business outcomes are not particular to the technology component of business operations – they extend to every aspect of it. However, technology is an integral part of today’s business DNA and therefore plays a vital role in achieving these outcomes.


The value proposition that is cloud – or better referenced as either Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS) – is borne out of these business outcomes in the context of technology service delivery to business end users and customers.




Technology innovation is increasingly driven by end users seeking instant gratification, time efficiencies and value for money. In order for businesses to remain relevant and compete for market share, they have had to evolve and innovate their respective service and product delivery to meet end-user demands and expectations.


In the context of technology operations, the pace of business evolution, market trends and consumer behaviours point towards a need for an agile, flexible and scalable Tech Ops and Dev Ops environment. The cloud offers the solution.


The adoption of Infrastructure as a Service, to alleviate the constraints of in-house technology service delivery, can and should be determined by testing the value proposition against the core business outcomes of risk mitigation, revenue growth and cost efficiencies.


IaaS provides a case for the mitigation of operational risk by enabling your business through enterprise grade and (depending on your choice of provider) global standard virtualisation platforms. These environments ensure that resource utilisation is maximised through the ability to scale as needed, minimising cost exposure. The ability for Tech Ops teams to deliver resources-on-demand ensures not only agility, flexibility and scale but also a consistent end-user experience and customer experience with ‘zero impact changes’, and in the case of RSAWEB’s Virtual Data Centre, guaranteed minimum performance levels.




The ‘always on’ and global availability of an IaaS environment provides consumer and business end users with an enhanced user experience, as well as instant access to information or services. Underpinned by business-continuity features, revenue growth is enabled.


Finally, cost efficiencies realised through the adoption of an IaaS environment centre around the ability to manage utilisation of dedicated infrastructures. Technology refreshes are no longer onerous, and revenue and cost alignment are balanced. The pay-per-use coverage model that enables the auto-scaling of production environments creates an agile business, offering instant access that enables revenue growth and revenue assurance.


RSAWEB’s Virtual Data Centre is designed to deliver on these business outcomes. Our upstream partnerships with globally recognised “best-of-breed” brands underpin this commitment and design. RSAWEB operations run out of our Virtual Data Centre environment because our business outcomes are the same as every other business. Our business has become infinitely more agile, flexible and cost-efficient and we have the scope to innovate and grow while achieving revenue growth.




Technology solutions are in a state of constant change: the current discussions of Hyper Convergence, the Internet of Things (or Everything) and Cross Cloud Services all represent opportunities for businesses. Opportunities for innovation, change and growth.


This is why we get out of bed in the morning, this is why we at RSAWEB do what we do… help our customers succeed online.


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