Top tech gadgets for 2015

Leigh Mather | December 01, 2015 | Blog

Top tech gadgets for 2015

December 01, 2015

The end of 2015 is fast approaching and we thought we’d take this time to review some of our top tech gadgets for the year.

The main trend in tech gadgets for 2015 seems to be in staying constantly connected and able to work anytime, anywhere.  As the nature of work changes and people seek greater mobility and flexibility, products that facilitate this are sure to be winners.

Here are our top four picks for 2015:

SanDisk Extreme PRO 512GB Memory Card


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The SanDisk Extreme PRO 512GB Memory Card is said to be the world’s highest capacity SD memory card so far and with almost half a terabyte of storage capacity it has more storage than many laptop computers. In fact, you could add it to your computer and greatly boost its storage capacity.  It is designed with professional photographers and videographers in mind who need to shoot 4K video, full 1080p HD video, or take high-definition photographs. It is also built for and tested in harsh conditions and is temperature proof, waterproof, shockproof and x-ray proof.

At the moment the SanDisk Extreme PRO 512GB Memory Card has a retail price of around $8 000 (about R11 000 at R14 to the dollar). It is truly a remarkable development especially when you remember that SanDisk launched a 512MB SD card in 2003 – meaning that they have increased their storage capacity by over 1 000% in a little more than a decade.


The Swiftpoint GT mouse:


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Hailed as the most comfortable mouse on the market, the Swiftpoint GT has a unique patented ergonomic design that allows touch gestures with a natural finger and wrist action. The grip is modelled on that of a pen-like grip instead of the familiar ‘claw’ grip and claims that this provides improved ergonomics and reduces fatigue.

The Swiftpoint GT also claims to be so accurate that it can be used for precision applications such as graphic design or gaming and it has advanced scrolling, paging and zooming functions to help you navigate documents quickly and easily.  It is designed for travel and fits on the touchpad next to your laptop so it can be used anywhere. It also features a magnetic ‘parking spot’ which means you can attach the mouse to the outside of your laptop and easily carry it from meeting to meeting.


The AMPL Smart Bag: Laptop Backpack with Built-in Battery


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The really cool aspect of this high-tech backpack is that it allows you to charge your phone, laptop and other devices seamlessly, without having to find a plug outlet. The backpack has a custom built battery integrated into the fabric of a bag that can recharge a smart phone two to three times before it needs to be charged itself. When you need to recharge the bag you just plug it in and it charges three times faster than normal batteries.  You can also add up to three expansion batteries for days when you need more power or to power more devices.

The modular batteries can also be removed from the bag so you can put them in your pocket or your purse when you don’t want to take the whole bag with you. The bag links to a mobile App that allows you to monitor the batteries and charging status of all your devices simultaneously. Added to this the bag has a stylish design with a USB port in every pocket PLUS it is stock absorbent and water resistant. We are super keen to try one of these out as soon as we can.


The World Panel SunStream Solar Powered Cell phone charger


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Vodacom has just signed a deal with World Panel to distribute the SunStream Solar powered cell phone charger in selected stores. The SunStream converts light energy from the sun directly into electricity that charges any cell phone from an entry-level feature phone right up to a high-end smartphone. The product is designed to be hardy and can be dropped, withstand high temperatures and be submerged in water. What’s great about this little energy source is that it has a recommended retail price of just R200 in South Africa so it won’t break the bank.

Suraya Hamdulay, Executive Head for Vodacom Sustainability says, “this is a game changer for many because mobile phone users from every walk of life can now benefit from reliable and portable access to renewable electricity.”

We love the sound of this little device and know that it will be a great option for people who travel, live in remote areas or need a backup phone charger during load shedding.

All these devices have one thing in common, they allow the user to be increasingly mobile for longer periods of time. With this increased mobility it is important to also stay connected. Luckily our personal Mobile Broadband and professional Mobile Data products allow you and your employees to do just that, with high speed and reliable connections from MTN or Vodacom that cover just about anywhere in South Africa. Visit our website today or contact us on 087 470 0000 to find out more.

Let us know if you have found other gadgets that stood out for you this year on Twitter using the hashtag #toptech2015

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