Sick of TV subscriptions? Choose FTTH

Jacqui Hannaford | May 08, 2018 | Blog

Sick of TV subscriptions? Choose FTTH

May 08, 2018

There has never been a better time to cut the cord on your satellite TV subscription and switch to Internet-based, on-demand entertainment. Not only does it save you money but it also allows you to watch what you want when you want.For a small monthly fee, you get the flexibility you need to watch your favourite TV series or movies on demand and without having to be tied into a contract.

But before you cancel your satellite TV subscription you need to consider a few things in order for the transition to be seamless and hassle-free.

Here are three steps you should take before you become a cord-cutter:

Step 1: Check your Internet connection

In order to have the best Internet-based TV experience, you need to ensure you have a strong and reliable Internet connection. A Home Fibre connection is recommended with a download speed of no less than 5Mbps.

You should test your Internet speed during both peak and off-peak times to ensure it can handle the demand on the line.

Also, think about how many people in your home will want to be streaming different programs simultaneously as this will affect your line speed and quality of your viewing.

Remember that various obstacles in your home will affect streaming over Wi-Fi and you will get the most out of your Internet connection when you are connected via an Ethernet cable.

Step 2: Do you need any other hardware?

If you are wanting to view content on your home television rather than on your laptop, smart device or desktop computer, you will need to get a digital media player, unless you have a smart TV.

This will allow you to view online content on your television, effectively turning a regular TV into a smart TV.

Some of the most popular devices include Apple TV, Roku or MyGica.

Step 3: Choose your streaming service

With a number of streaming services available look into which one suits you best when it comes to content and monthly packages.

Some of the most popular services include; Netflix, Showmax and Amazon, to mention a few.

More and more people are moving towards Internet based services as they fit into their lifestyles, enabling everything to be available on-demand. So don’t be left behind, be part of the change that is shaping the digital future.

If you need to upgrade your Internet connection to Home Fibre to enjoy your streaming services without buffering contact us on 087 470 0010 or [email protected]

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