What to look for in a Cloud service provider

By : Christopher Wray | August 03, 2015 | Blog

What to look for in a Cloud service provider

August 03, 2015

Finding the right Cloud-based solutions and service provider for your business can be a tricky task. To help you on your journey into the wonderful realm of the Cloud, we have compiled our three main considerations to take into account when making your service provider selection:

  1. Security is the number one issue:

Survey responders who are asked about the Cloud consistently say that security is their number one concern. However, we have found that although security is a top concern there are far fewer instances of actual security issues on Cloud based offers and it is often one of the lowest level concerns that companies operating in the Cloud have to deal with. In actual fact, reliability issues and issues managing multi-Cloud environments are more of a concern which is why we have built easy-to-use online management tools that enable you to manage and control your Cloud services quickly and easily

  1. Peer and product reviews sell products:

When choosing a Cloud product, it appears that peer recommendations are the most relied upon source of information for evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of products or service providers. Valued resources that professionals look for when moving to the Cloud are peer recommendations, third party reviews and the strength of the customer base. Review based decision making shows that IT professionals value products that they know their peers and the community are using, and which have ample documentation through third-party sources.

  1. The ability to deploy daily and on-demand:

Regardless of a company’s size, developers are moving towards weekly or even daily deployment. Some even deploy more than once a day, showing that the shift to on-demand deployment is increasing – a service that Cloud infrastructure can, and should, offer.

RSAWEB offers a number of Cloud-based solutions and services and we are trusted by thousands of Cloud server owners using petabytes of storage and terabytes of RAM in their businesses. In addition, we have created simple online management tools to help you manage your Cloud server infrastructure, enabling you to cut out the hassles of dealing with physical hardware.

Our auto-sizing Cloud Platform, Flex Cloud, is ideal for the development of PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, Node.js & .NET web applications, ultimately simplifying your code deployments and environment scaling. For details visit our website or contact us.

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