Your own Virtual Data Centre

Katie Findlay | October 05, 2015 | Blog

Your own Virtual Data Centre

October 05, 2015

If you are looking for blazing fast flash SSD storage without the hassle of bottlenecks and the ability to manage scalable resources on demand, for any workload, then RSAWEB’s Enterprise Cloud (Virtual Data Centre) is the solution for you.



No maintenance hassles or hardware investment

Through Enterprise Cloud, RSAWEB provides you and your business with all of the benefits of owning a Virtual Data Centre (VDC), without any of the maintenance or capital costs. Forget about managing and investing in the infrastructure, hardware and software that you would need in order to run your own VDC, and simply make use of ours instead.

Secure and scalable

Enterprise Cloud(VDC) gives you the peace of mind that your business’ online infrastructure is secure, blazing fast and infinitely scalable. Plus our VDC is fully redundant with a multi-datacentre setup that ensures high uptime, data security, availability and automated disaster recovery.

Enterprise Cloud is fast

It’s fast – And we mean REALLY FAST. With high performance storage, gained through fast flash SSD and Multi-10Gig network connectivity, the speed and scalability of the Cloud resources means you can scale up or down as and when you need to. The ease of use also enables you to integrate technologies such as perimeter protection, port-level firewall and NAT and DHCP services which ultimately gain you virtualisation-aware security while simplifying application deployment and ensuring you meet compliance standards.



Full access through a self-service control panel

Our self-service online control panel gives you direct access to your VDC, ensuring you have full control of who has access to your servers. Using the control panel you will be able to group users as well as controlling the consumption of resources by giving different users different levels of functional access. You will also be able to set quotas, leases and limits to prevent consumption from exceeding prescribed boundaries.

Team of experts

With over five years of Cloud experience, RSAWEB is known in the industry as South Africa’s Cloud Experts which is why one of the key services included in Enterprise Cloud is access to our team of Cloud experts who are all ready and waiting to assist you with any support you may require.


Call us to discuss your specific needs and schedule a demo with one of our consultants.

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